Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings, we want to thank you so much for praying for the Mandinka especially while the team from Hunter Street was here. Travel was not easy, but as the Mandinka say, they arrived in peace and left in peace. We are so grateful for the willingness of this church family to make difficult trips to build relationships with a people group who do not know that the Son has provided a way for them to be reconciled to the Father.

The team held three days of eye and medical clinics in MK. Each day there were many people waiting for help for their physical needs. The team and SD had opportunities to share with large groups before the clinics opened. Then there was a team of men and a team of women who made their way around the village visiting in compounds. They had the opportunity to spend some time with the school children also. The teams were encouraged to take their time in the compounds. This gave them time to share as well as learn more about the Mandinka. On one of the days the men were visiting in a certain compound. They noticed a women who was not paying any attention to what they were sharing. I am sure you can understand how discouraging this can be. Well, the next day this woman came up to the men and shared a dream that she had that night which revealed that what she heard was the truth. She told the team that she was going home to tell her mom that she was going to be the first in her family to follow the road of the Father and that there would be more to follow. This is just one example that shows us we need to be faithful to tell the Good News and the Holy Spirit will take care of the results. Thank you to this team and for our prayer supporters for lifting the Mandinka to the Throne of Grace. Thank you to Paul and Sherri for giving of your talents with the clinics.

We are enjoying the Christmas season. Our boys, Alex and Daniel, and Alex’s friend, Emily arrived safe and sound. They are helping us get ready for the Christmas Eve party. Please pray as SD and his family join us in sharing the Christmas story with our neighbors.

We want to thank you for all that you do to support missions. We are grateful for your prayer support and your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Thank you for sharing your gifts to help the lost world have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

We pray that you and your families will have a Blessed Christmas.


Richard and Fran Kelly



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