Dear Faithful Ones,

Chapter 10 of the book of Joshua recounts the Israelite battle against the Amorites.  Joshua marched his troops all night and engaged in battle.  Joshua prayed to God:

O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon (10:12)

Then Scripture recounts that God heard and answered this man’s prayer.

The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the Lord listened to a man.  Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel. (10:13b-14)

One explanation is that the earth’s normal rotation slowed and gave Joshua more time. Another is that some unusual refraction of the sun’s rays gave additional hours of light. (Life Application Bible, 1991)  A writer for Tabletalk, the devotional magazine published by Ligonier Ministries, Lake Mary, FL, USA, puts it like this:

The Lord responded in this spectacular way to the prayer of His zealous servant. The Almighty did not hesitate to make use of His divine power to work salvation for His people.

I take Scripture at face value; I believe God intervened and that specific day was prolonged by a miracle.  God heard and acted upon the petition of a man zealous for the Kingdom of God.  As you pray for the salvation of the MNK, do it with zeal, knowing that time is indeed running out.  Pray for those who labor among the MNK, that we will be diligent and faithful.  Pray for God’s miraculous intervention!  Pray for a church planting movement to begin among the MNK!

Please let me know how I can assist you in becoming more knowledgeable about the Mandinka as you advocate on their behalf.


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