1. Thursday: Thank God for the group of believers with whom we could fellowship and share communion that Sunday!

2. Friday: Ask God to embolden the lives and ministries of local believers as they endeavor to let their Light shine!

3. Saturday: Thank God for a local believer who is beginning an evangelical radio broadcast in French on the local FM station tomorrow.

4. Sunday: Ask God to make His word and His way clear through the radio broadcast this morning; ask Him to enable many to hear and understand His way.

5. Monday: Thank God for the Pastor who is a mason by profession; thank God for his family and his personal commitment to God.

6. Tuesday: Ask God to encourage those believers who have not yet married; ask God to strengthen them to remain pure as they seek spouses who are also believers.

7. Wednesday: Thank God for the radio party that happens every Wednesday night in one compound, as a believer joins his neighbors in listening to the Righteous Way radio broadcasts.

8. Thursday: Ask God to give believers courage and wisdom as they share the Gospel with their unbelieving spouses and families; ask God to open their ears, eyes and hearts.

9. Friday: Thank God for the students being influenced by the believing high school teacher; thank God for MNK young people who are being exposed to the Gospel.

10. Saturday: Ask God to keep us focused on our task of bringing Light to the MNK.

11. Sunday: Thank God for His Risen Son! Thank God for those who live in this part of West Africa who know Him personally.

12. Monday: Ask God to keep the wonder of Easter Sunday fresh in our minds and hearts, and close to the tip of our tongues, that we may share the Truth faithfully.

13. Tuesday: Thank God for the moving of the Holy Spirit in this area, bringing believers together for fellowship and mutual encouragement.

14. Wednesday: Ask God to keep the airing of His Word regular; ask God to allow Lesson 7, How Sin Entered the World, to broadcast unhindered and uninterrupted.

15. Thursday: Thank God for the two village churches with local pastors; one is supported, one is a tent-maker; both desire to see their villages come to know Christ!

16. Friday: Ask God to physically strengthen and spiritually encourage those who were walking from village to village yesterday, today, and are continuing on through tomorrow (April 17).

17. Saturday: Thank God for those MNKs who have encountered these men of God along the road and in villages; pray for hearts, eyes and ears to be opened to the Truth of God!

18. Sunday: Ask God to provide the rest and refreshment each of us needs to live and work in this climate; ask Him to encourage and strengthen us for the work to which He has called us.

19. Monday: Thank God for our families and friends who love, encourage, and support work among the MNK; thank God especially for those who pray for the salvation of the MNK.

20. Tuesday: Ask God to keep the electricity on, the equipment functioning, and the radio station personnel alert to the time, so that the radio broadcast tomorrow, What Adam’s Sin Produced, will be clear to all who are listening.

21. Wednesday: Thank God for the thousands of pieces of Scripture we have available in MNK Roman script; ask God for avenues of distribution within this highly illiterate society.

22. Thursday: Ask God to bless those who are working on the MNK Old Testament Bible translation; ask Him to enable these persons to remain on the field.

23. Friday: Thank God for the pieces of Scripture we have available in MNK Arabic script…this script utilizes the basic Arabic alphabet, so it is automatically more attractive to the MNK.

24. Saturday: Ask God to give us wisdom as we seek ways to distribute Arabic script Scripture to the elders within the community.

25. Sunday: Thank God for those MNK around the world who will gather for worship today; ask God to quicken their hearts with the desire for their countrymen and women to experience salvation.

26. Monday: Continue to ask God to open the ears and tongues of those who desire to share the Gospel in the MNK language; ask Him to empower each of us with supernatural language skills!

27. Tuesday: Thank God for the radio lesson which will air tomorrow, The Wonderful Promise; pray that MNKs will grasp God’s plan in providing a way back into fellowship with Him.

28. Wednesday: Ask God to help us identify at least one MNK woman who is seriously interested in spiritual matters; ask God to dispel the lies this woman has heard from childhood that women cannot know God.

29. Thursday: Thank God for His faithfulness in providing laborers among the MNK; thank Him for their lives, commitment and sacrifice; thank God for those who had birthdays in April

30. Friday: Ask God to encourage and strengthen those MNK believers as they face persecution and daily hardships, from beatings to poisonings to humiliation.

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