Tue, Aug 17: Ask God to bless Kadi. She shares her name with Mohammed’s first wife, Kadijaatou. The original Kadi was a successful businesswoman; this MNK Kadi often wishes for the same financial security. Ask God to enable Kadi to seek eternal riches, over worldly ones; ask God to take care of her physical and spiritual needs.

Wed, Aug 18: Thank God for the airing of tonight’s radio Bible story, Jacob Becomes Israel. This story does not hide the fact that Jacob was crafty and deceitful. Still Jacob treasured God’s Word; God blessed this and made Himself known to Jacob. Thus Jacob, the Deceiver became Jacob (Israel), the man of God. Pray for MNK women to recognize God’s faithfulness and desire to be known to all mankind.

Thu, Aug 19: Ask God to make us sensitive to opportunities to share Bible stories. Ami, or Aminaata, while not the prophet Mohammed’s mother, was the woman who raised him. She has an important place in Islamic history and story-telling. Ask God for occasions to share Bible stories about women, such as the story of Pharaoh’s daughter who faithfully cared for Moses during his childhood.

Fri, Aug 20:
Thank God for those women who live and work among the MNK. Though we may adopt MNK names, still, we are who we are. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives, and we struggle with day-to-day life, including our spiritual lives, just like everyone else. Thank God that our true identity is found in who we are in Christ, not in our names nor in our jobs; pray for MNK women to find their true identity in Christ; pray for expatriate women who live their lives among the MNK.

Sat, Aug 21: Ask God to reveal to Hawa the truth of the creation story. Hawa is the MNK name for Eve. The traditional belief is that only Hawa sinned...God did not allow Adama to swallow the apple, but intervened on his behalf, not Hawa’s. Ask God to reveal to Hawa not only her personal responsibility for sin, but that God loves her and desires for her to be restored to a personal relationship with Him.

Sun, Aug 22: Thank God for the MNK Bible translation work! Mariyaama is the MNK variant of Mary. Unfortunately many MNKs think Jesus’ mother, Mariyaama, and Moses’ sister Miriam, also called Mariyaama, are the same person. Thank God for the clarity of the MNK Bible translation; ask Him to bless and expand that work!

Mon, Aug 23:
Ask God to encourage Fatou today. Fatou is the name normally given to the first-born daughter in an MNK family. When Fatou went to the market this morning, she found precious little to feed her family today...rainy season is a hard time for the MNK. Ask God to help Fatou find the food she needs to feed her husband and her children today; ask God to spur Fatou on to find spiritual food as well.

Tue, Aug 24: Thank God for Jainaba. As a young woman, Jainaba was chosen to the first wife of a very important man in town. Now her husband has taken a 2nd wife, and she must deal with the pain, frustration, confusion, and fear that comes with another woman coming into the compound. She heard a story recently about a woman who lived many years ago, named Esther. Thank God for the examples found in Scripture of women who sought the Kingdom of God, and God Himself; pray for Jainaba to desire to know God above all else; pray for grace to live with a 2nd wife.

Wed, Aug 25: Ask God to enable the airing of tonight’s extremely important radio lesson, Joseph’s Humiliation. Joseph loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Yet God allowed him to endure many years of suffering and pain. This lesson is another which testifies to God’s faithfulness. Ask God to give MNK men and women ears to hear the Truth that comes from loving righteousness.

Thu, Aug 26: Thank God for Sali. Sali sells onions, tomatoes, and leaves in the market; she doesn’t earn much money, but what she does earn she is saving to buy an amulet to put in her rice field. Cattle and donkeys are destroying what little she had the energy to plant this year. Thank God for the physical stamina He gives to women, especially during the rainy season; ask God to enable Sali to look beyond man-made magical power, albeit in the name of Islam, and look to God as her sustainer and provider.

Fri, Aug 27:
Ask God to heal Roki. Roki is an unusual name in MNK, and this Roki is plagued by an unusual, though not uncommon, disease – leprosy. She has gone to doctor after doctor, witch doctor after witch doctor, but to no avail. Roki feels like she is completely alone...her husband has put her out...her children have been taken away from her...her own parents are afraid to be near her. Ask God to bring a doctor to Roki’s village who understands this disease; ask Him to provide the medical treatment she needs; ask Him to also allow her to hear and understand the love of Christ.

Sat, Aug 28: Thank God for Isatou. Isatou appears to be a happy woman and is well-liked by all who know her. She doesn’t argue; she doesn’t cause trouble; she works hard and normally keeps her opinions to herself. Yet today, she is anxious talk with the expatriate women who regularly come by to visit; she has questions about happiness and joy...she knows that while she may appear happy, deep down inside, she is not. Thank God for opening Isatou’s mind and heart to things she is seeing and hearing from non-Muslim women; ask God to enable Isatou to find true joy and peace.

Sun, Aug 29:
Ask God to give Filijee children. She has been unable to conceive for the past four years of marriage. She laughs about it, and says, “Allah will provide when he is ready.” In her innermost part, though, she understands that her husband will soon begin looking for another wife. Filijee means lost. Ask God to not only give Filijee children, also boldly ask Him to seek out this MNK woman.

Mon, Aug 30: Thank God for Nyiimaa. Literally Nyiimaa means beautiful one. Standing thigh deep in water in the rice field, Nyiimaa doesn’t feel beautiful. No one has ever told her she is beautiful; no one has ever told her she is of value to God; no one has ever told her of the Savior who died for her. Thank God for those believers and prayer warriors who daily intercede on behalf of MNK women; thank God for their faithfulness; ask Him to increase their faith and steadfastness.

Tue, Aug 31: Ask God to send more workers to share the Good News among the MNK. We are encouraged by what we see, but the MNK are like Brazil nuts...their exterior is very hard to crack into. But we are confident that once they see the Truth for themselves, their shells will fall away! Ask God to break into the lives of MNK women in a miraculous manner.

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