July 1 - 15 Only

Thu, Jul 1: Ask God to grant to Landing what his name implies – great faith! Landing might also be called Malang or Lamin; all have the same meaning. A Christian worker among the MNK with this name recently had the roof blown completely off his house. Pray for Landing’s faith to be evident to all as he patiently awaits the finances for the repairs.

Fri, Jul 2: Ask God to bless Maalefi , whose name means I don’t want. If a woman has had several children die, often a name will be chosen to confuse the evil spirits. Pray that this man will come to know the God of all creation who does want him…who sent His son to die so that Maalefi might have life!

Sat, Jul 3:
Thank God for Adama, MNK for Adam. This is the name given to a male twin; his sister would be named Hawa, or Eve. Pray for Adama to hear the voice of God calling him, just as Adam did in the garden; pray he will seek God’s face and forgiveness.

Sun, Jul 4: Ask God to give Kaba an abundant harvest this rainy season. The name, Kaba, is the MNK word for corn seed. Pray for the physical strength Kaba will need to work his field; pray that his corn harvest will surpass last year’s; pray that, as he works in his field, Kaba will seek the God of the Harvest.

Mon, Jul 5
: Thank God for Fina. Fina means word-crafter; he uses words, as opposed to music, to tell the history of the MNK and specific families. Pray for Fina to come to know God and to use his training to tell the history of Jesus Christ to every MNK he knows!

Tue, Jul 6:
Ask God to enlighten Mamadou, or Modou. This is the MNK variant of Mohammed. Most first born sons are named after the prophet of Islam. Ask God to reveal to these men that their salvation and hope lies not in a man or a prophet, but in the Living God.

Wed, Jul 7:
Thank God for the radio broadcast tonight entitled Abraham: God’s Friend. Many MNK men are named Ibrima, or Ibrahima. Thank God for the testimony of this prophet in Scripture; ask God to enable those men who bear this name to be called God’s Friend.

Thu, Jul 8
: Ask God to strengthen Bakary, or Boubacarr. This was the name of one of Mohammed’s original followers. Pray that Bakary will listen to the words as spoken by the followers of Jesus.

Fri, Jul 9: Thank God for our friend, Keeba. His name means old one, obviously named for an older adult when he was born. Ask the Ancient of Days to reveal Himself to Keeba.

Sat, Jul 10: Ask God to grant health to Nyaamoo. His name means born in the grass, or bush. Many babies born during the rainy season do not thrive well. Ask God to protect MNK children; ask Him to provide opportunities for children to hear the Truth.

Sun, Jul 11: Thank God that He never sleeps and that He is always aware of our circumstances. Pray for Sunkutoo whose name means little girl. This man’s father wanted the spirits to think he was a girl, not a boy. Thank God that He is always in control; pray that Sunkutoo will not fear the evil spirits, but learn to trust in the Holy and Righteous One.

Mon, Jul 12:
Ask God to honor Alhaji’s desire to know Him. Alhaji designates one who has been to Mecca on pilgrimage; this title now replaces any names this man was given by his father. Ask God to help Alhaji recognize the difference between truths of God and the lies of Satan.

Tue, Jul 13: Thank God that the name of Esa, or Isa is honored in MNK society; this is the Arabic name for Jesus. MNKs appreciate Jesus as an honored prophet, but not as the Son of God. Thank God for those men named Esa; ask God to enable them to grasp the reality of Jesus as fully human and fully God.

Wed, Jul 14:
Ask God to remove all hindrances that would prevent the airing of tonight’s radio Bible broadcast, Abraham and Ishmael. Pray for the truth of the story of Abraham and Ishmael’s birth to be clear.

Thu, Jul 15: Thank God for the prophet David, Dawuda. While believers gain strength from reading the book of Psalms, most MNKs have never read them. Pray that Dawuda will desire to read the writings of his namesake, and that through reading these, hearts will become tender to the call of God to repentence and true worship.

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