1. Saturday: Thank God for those serving among the MNK who have birthdays this month!

2. Sunday: Ask God to help MNK believers who are persecuted to rely on Him in order to extend His mercy.

3. Monday: Thank God for His protection and care of the prayer-walkers during their time in the villages; thank God that they were able to see His hand moving.

4. Tuesday: Ask God to bless the radio broadcast tomorrow night at 5:00PM EDST: Cain and Abel: The false road and the way of righteousness.

5. Wednesday: Thank God for the MNK Scriptures that are translated; thank Him for those who work so diligently to provide God’s word in Mandinka.

6. Thursday: Ask God to touch the hearts of those non-believers who are involved in Scripture translation; ask Him to not allow them to read one more word without conviction!

7. Friday: Thank God for those missionaries involved in medical care of MNK, especially the care of women; thank Him for the precious few opportunities MNK women have to hear the Gospel.

8. Saturday: Ask God to make us diligent in sharing the Good News.

9. Sunday: Thank God for Godly mothers who desire for their children to know Him; thank God for the privilege and responsibility of raising children.

10. Monday: Ask God to raise up women who will desire to know Him, to follow Him, and to teach their children about Him…to become women of Godly character.

11. Tuesday: Thank God for bizarre opportunities of being a witness for Him, such as dealing with the police following an automobile accident that was clearly the fault of the other driver.

12. Wednesday: Ask God to help MNKs understand the difference between the offerings of Cain and Abel; ask Him to clarify tonight’s broadcast: Unrepentant Cain.

13. Thursday: Thank God for MNK wedding ceremonies and baby naming ceremonies; these give us opportunities to interact with our neighbors as well as come to a better understanding of MNK culture.

14. Friday: Ask God to draw unto Himself those MNK women suffering from HIV/AIDS; among the MNK, this disease is usually passed from husband to wife.

15. Saturday: Thank God for the mental capacity to learn a foreign language!

16. Sunday: Ask God to intervene on behalf of MNK children who are forced to memorize the Qur’an in Arabic, yet have no clue as to the meaning of what they are learning; ask God to allow that energy to be channeled into memorizing His Word.

17. Monday: Thank God for Christian teachers who work in local government schools; thank Him for the Bible studies they have outside the classroom.

18. Tuesday: Ask God to enable Christian teachers from other tribes to have a positive influence on MNK students.

19. Wednesday: Thank God for tonight’s radiobroadcast on the Prophet Enoch; ask God to help MNKs understand how Enoch was able to walk with God in a sinful society.

20. Thursday: Ask God to draw to Himself those men and women who sell the saafoolu (charms); ask Him to reveal Satan’s power in that enterprise.

21. Friday: Thank God for the beauty of His creation that surrounds MNKs every day of their lives; thank Him that His majesty is proclaimed through the songs of birds.

22. Saturday: Ask God to give the MNK the ability to see God at work in the world around them, though they struggle daily just to survive.

23. Sunday: Thank God for the way in which He communicates with His creation!

24. Monday: Ask God to visit MNK men and women through dreams; ask Him to cause them to be unsettled by these dreams; ask Him to push them to consult Godly men and women for advice.

25. Tuesday: Thank God for opportunities on the prayer walk to distribute Scripture to interested persons; thank God for the adult literacy classes which are taking place.

26. Wednesday: Ask God to allow the radio message tonight to be broadcast with power and without interruption; ask Him to reveal the truth regarding His patience and His wrath through the Story of Noah.

27. Thursday: Thank God for the prayers written in Arabic script/MNK language which were left with village leaders during the prayer walk; ask God to bless the reading of His Word.

28. Friday: Ask God to work with those who were prayed for during the recent three-day prayer walk.

29. Saturday: Thank God for the hospitality – place to sleep, water to bathe with, and food to eat – extended to our prayer-walkers.

30. Sunday: Ask God to bless those who "entertained strangers"; ask Him to reveal that these men of God were sent in His Holy Name.

31. Monday: Thank God for the sacrifice missionaries make to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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