1 The MNK will accept Jesus as the “Road” to eternal life in Glory.
2 Let us praise God for providing the Way of Salvation that all may be saved.
3 MT as she hears God’s Word weekly to choose Jesus as the way to the Father.
4 Those listening to the Righteous Way radio broadcasts will recognize Jesus as the absolute and only way to receive salvation.
5 The religious leaders will voluntarily bend their knees to Christ.
6 The heads of households will allow God’s Word to be heard in their compounds.
7 MNK hearts will be open and grasp that God’s Word is right and true.
8 Village chiefs will turn from the god who does anything he wants in their religion to the faithful God whom we serve.
9 FS a MNK believer will “train” his children according to God’s Word.
10 Thank God for His Word that has been translated into the MNK language
11 The MNK will see the work of God in all that He does such as the things of nature.
12 God’s Word will cause many MNK to be convicted of their sin.
13 The MNK will realize that our Holy Father wishes to receive them.
14 the MNK believers will have confidence that God keeps His Word faithfully.
15 M will seek God’s will and timing as he seeks a wife.
16 MNK religious leaders will “knock on the Door of Righteousness”.
17 the villages of “B” and “K” will seek God as they hear His Word and not seek strife.
18 Workers among the MNK will daily ask, seek and knock for God’s will.
19 MNK mothers will seek God’s protection for their children instead of charms.
20 Let us thank God for the MNK believers that he has called unto Himself.
21 Let us thank God for His Word that is broadcasted on the Sedhiou radio station.
22 Let us thank God for the people in villages who desire to hear his word and are curious about His Word.
23 Let us thank God for the steadfastness of the workers among the MNK.
24 Let us thank God for the freedom we have to share the Gospel in this area.
25 Let us thank God for equipping His children for the works that He calls us to.
26 Let us thank God that He never tires of hearing our petitions on behalf of the MNK.
27 Soon the MNK will praise God for the assurance of salvation in Christ.
28 The MNK will leave the uncertain religion of their youth for a certain eternal future with Christ.
29 FC’s faith will grow and that he would be used in a mighty way by the Father.
30 he workers among the MNK will daily exhibit this victory in our walk.

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