1 MNK communities during this dark time of their circumcision rituals when they “train” the boys in what it is to be a MNK man
2 MNK women and children who are in fear of being harmed physically by this character, the kankura?
3 MNK will not put their trust in the work of their hands such as circumcision and fasting, but will soon trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.
4 MNK believers will increase their faith working through love.
5 MNK believers will not put their trust in works of the hand, only trust in the blood of Christ for their salvation.
6 for the boys who are chosen for this “rite of passage” this year. Pray for their physical health as well as their spiritual well being.
7 for the workers among the MNK to display their faith through acts of love.
8 the MNK will truly turn to God with all of their heart
9 the religious leaders during this time of fasting to turn to God instead of personal desires such as gaining money and local fame.
10 during this time of fasting that the MNK will be convicted of their sin so that there will be repentance
11Let us Praise God that it is His desire that the MNK’s turn to Him
12 as mothers and fathers instruct their children on fasting, that they will see the emptiness of Islam and turn to Jehovah God.
13 Let us praise God for the MNK believers who have trusted Jesus with all their hearts
14 those in the villages who are hearing God’s Word weekly to turn to Him with all of their heart.
15 the one who oversees the local radio station that he will be transformed be the hearing of Gods Word and seek His face.
16 MNK believers will always set their faces to seek God in times of trouble and prosperity
17 the leaders in the national and local governments will truly seek God and lead justly.
18 that the heads of villages, the alikalos, will truly seek God during this time of Ramadan.
19 heads-of-households to truly fear the Lord and seek Him during Ramadan
20 many MNK will fear Jehovah God, set their face to God, and begin an indigenous church planting movement.
21 for MT a woman near us who is listening to God’s Word. Please pray that she will give her heart to Jesus.
22 the MNK to see through the hypocrisy of looking “religious” as they participate in Ramadan.
23 heads of households as they pursue finding sugar, bread, and all of the “necessities” for breaking fast to realize this act in itself is futile
24 the believers who are ridiculed for not participating in the Ramadan fast.
25 women who will still be transplanting rice which is physically exhausting work as they participate in the fast.
26 up the children subject to adults who are easily irritated due to the physical consequences of fasting.
27 up the children subject to adults who are easily irritated due to the physical consequences of fasting.
28 that Satan will lose his foothold on this land
29 the MNK will put away all “dark” practices that keep them in the grips of Satan.
30 As the “Night of Power”, where the Quaran is read all night, approaches, God will intervene and reveal Himself in his majesty
31the MNK will claim the inheritance that Jesus Christ has prepared for them.

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