1 The MNK will know the true God, Jehovah, and exalt Him.
2 Workers among the MNK will daily be still, spend quality time with Him and then go out in His strength and exalt God among the MNK.
3 Discernment among the MNK team to find the people of peace in new areas of outreach.
4 God to prepare the hearts of MNK men in family compounds and villages to be people of peace.
5 God to prepare the hearts of MNK women to be people of peace, ready to receive the Gospel.
6 The Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of those who will hear the Sila Tilindingo on the radio tonight.
7 God to prepare the hearts of MNK youth to seek Him and His ways.
8 MNK believers to be people of peace in their community and point their neighbors to the Truth.
9 God to send dreams revealing Himself to people of peace among the MNK.
10 The religious teachers will realize they are unclean before the Lord.
11 Heads of households to understand that they are sinners before a righteous God.
12 MNK women will recognize that they are lost in sin and cry out to God.
13 Many listening to the Sila Tilindingo will be convicted of sin in their life.
14 DD and MF MNK seekers to be sorry for sin in their lives and repent.
15 Those listening in Village “B” to become aware of sin in their lives and repent.
16 MtK and FD MNK women to be sorry for their sin and turn to Jesus.
17 Pastor SD to convey this message of grace to seekers in his village.
18 MNK men to put their faith in the gift of God not the teachings of Is.
19 MNK seekers to begin to understand the love of God that provides salvation.
20 Open hearts to receive God’s Word through the radio broadcast of the Sila Tilindingo.
21 MS who is married to a believer to receive the gift of salvation.
22 MNK women to believe in Jesus not works for salvation.
23 The village “S” to believe the Gospel message of Grace
24 MNK believers will turn to God first in all aspects of their lives.
25 As religious leaders fast during Ramada that they will in their hearts truly seek God.
26 God will send dreams and visions during this fasting season.
27 Through hearing the Sila Tilindingo many will begin to understand the holiness of God.
28 Many MNK will recognize the futility in man’s attempt to please God in man’s strength.
29 MNK youth will desire to read scripture and turn to the Lord God not religious rituals.
30 MNK women will know that God desires for them to turn to Him.

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