1 MNK men and women to begin to understand that God is Holy.
2 MNK men and women will be convicted of their sins.
3 Pastor SD and his wife who is expecting, for her health and their ministry in The Gambia.
4 MNK village elders in the “Blue Jay” area to fear Jehovah and turn from Is.
5 Those who see the Jesus Film to believe the truths that are shown to them.
6 Many will hear God’s Word through the Sila Tilindingo and repent of their sin.
7 Pray for our two host ladies in the village “B” to stand in awe of Him.
8 Pray for the Holy Spirit to cause dissatisfaction as many MNK go to their place of worship this afternoon.
9 The Hunter Street Team as they prepare Bible Truths to share with the MNK.
10 FC to share the Christmas message with his family.
11 The elders of the village “BF” to choose to allow scripture to be taught in their village.
12 Villages in the “Blue Jay” area to know that Jesus is our Mighty God.
13 Those who listen to the Sila Tilindingo to believe the Gospel Message with faith like a child
14 National and Local officials to be people of peace & have opportunities to hear the Good News.
15 DD and MF seekers to trust Jesus as their Everlasting Father.
16 IJ, a woman on our neighborhood, to invite the Prince of Peace into a troubled marriage.
17 Guidance as the MNK team searches for people of peace to share the Gospel.
18 Those opposing the Gospel will repent or lose their voice among the MNK.
19 God’s light will shine in the “Blue Jay” area and expose their need for salvation.
20 God’s Word, that is broadcasted tonight, will pierce through the darkness of Is.
21 A couple, IF & AK, will come to know the tender mercy of our God.
22 The village “S” will desire to hear and obey God’s Word.
23 A hedge of protection around the volunteer team from Hunter Street.
24 The MNK church that will one day walk in the fear of the Lord and multiply throughout the land.
25 Luke 2:14: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests
26 Bible study groups will form in the “Blue Jay” region.
27 Many MNK seekers will hear God’s Word on the radio and choose the Way of Righteousness.
28 MNK believers to desire to come together for worship and fellowship
29 MNK believers will rest in the comfort of the Holy Spirit and not fear men
30 MNK seekers working beside the volunteers have an impacting change in their lives.
31 MNK men and women will put their hope in the Lord.

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