1 The message of Our Lord will spread rapidly via the radio broadcasts.
2 Thank God for the transcription program that gives many MNK the opportunity to read God’s Word.
3 Workers among the MNK will be faithful to share the revered Word of God in all divine appointments.
4 The MNK believers will live in a way that brings honor to God and His Word.
5 The MNK will trust in the Lord our God for Salvation, not the works of Is.
6 The MNK will be quieted by God’s love.
7 Let us rejoice in the assurance of Zep. 3:17 and pray that our MNK friends will soon rest in this assurance.
8 As many listen to the Sila Tilindingo tonight that they will begin to understand that God alone provides salvation.
9 Let us praise God for the MNK believers whom He delights.
10 The ones participating in the Storying groups will begin to understand God’s love for them.
11 The MNK religious teachers will understand that God is near, not far away as they have been taught.
12 MNK men to confess their sin before our Holy Father.
13 Instead of blaming God for their misery, the MNK will earnestly seek God.
14 MNK believers will daily seek God with all of their heart.
15 As the Storying cycle begins again on the local radio station, pray that many will be aware that they have fallen short of the glory of God.
16 The young MNK men in our neighborhood will earnestly seek God and be convicted of their iniquity as they hear God’s Word.
17 The MNK women will not turn to the one who makes charms to guard them, but will turn to the One who is truly able to save.
18 Let us praise God that he draws the lost to Himself even if He uses misery to cause them to seek Him.
19 MNK men will soon recognize God as their Rock and deliverer not the works of their hands.
20 M a believer will always lean on God his Rock in good times and times of trouble.
21 MNK youth will understand that salvation belongs to the Lord.
22 The town of Sedhiou will believe the Truth they hear through Sila Tilindingo and be delivered from the father of lies.
23 F a believer to be a light to his family as he learns to trust God in all situations.
24 MNK women will believe that God is able to deliver them from sin and the injustice of their society.
25 D and M seekers will seek the One and Only True Rock, Fortress, and Deliverer and come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.
26 Our Lord will raise up MNK believers who will desire to gather together to praise and glorify God.
27 MNK believers will desire to bring an offering to honor God.
28 MNK believers will desire to come together as a body of believers to worship God

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