1 Praise our Heavenly Father for His desire that all mankind come to worship Him.
2 MNK women will understand that God desires worship from them.
3 MNK believers will realize their need to gather and worship corporately
4 God will pour out His Spirit upon the Southern Senegal and break down the strongholds of Satan that bind the MNK
5 God will send dreams to the religious leaders of the villages and they will know that Jesus is the Truth.
6 God will send dreams to the elders of the village who are “set in their ways” and cause them to know that Jesus is The Way.
7 God’s Spirit will prepare the hearts of those who hear His Word on the Sila Tilindingo.
8 God will send dreams and visions to the MNK men to free them from the bondage of Is.
9 God will pour out His Spirit on MNK women to cause them to realize they are precious in is sight.
10 God will give His Vision to the MNK believers to reach their brothers and sisters for Christ.
11 MNK men and women who have heard God’s Word will be convicted of their sin and repent.
12 The religious leaders will realize that they are men of unclean lips and repent.
13 MNK spiritual eyes to be opened to see the King of Glory.
14 Many young MNK will hear the Sila Tilindingo and realize their need for a Savior.
15 The village of S to realize their hopeless situation with Is and turn to the King of Kings.
16 Rejoice that MB proclaims that Jesus is the King.
17 SS a young MNK who is curious about God’s Word to understand he is undone without Jesus.
18 Many MNK men will be transformed and model the attributes of our Heavenly Father.
19 IF a new father to desire to know God’s Way though His Word.
20 The village “B” to open their hearts to God’s Word and turn from Is.
21 Many will choose to believe God’s Word is Truth as they listen to the Sila Tilindingo on the radio.
22 More volunteers to come to share God’s Word with the MNK.
23 MNK men to understand their responsibility to lead their children in the light rather than follow their ancestors in darkness.
24 MK a MNK believer will spend time in God’s Word and continue to mature.
25 June 25: Many MNK will understand the Goodness of God.
26 Many MNK women will develop are reverent fear of God, and not let a fear of Satan control them.
27 MS a MNK pastor to clearly proclaim the attributes of our Heavenly Father.
28 ZT, the radio manager, to be changed by God’s Word and walk in the Light.
29 The village “Bas.” will understand the Holiness of God and realize their need for a mediator.
30 Soon a MNK church will be proclaiming Jesus as the Light of the World throughout this land.

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