1 God’s Word will be sharper than the sword and pierce the hearts of the MNK with the Truth.
2 MNK religious teacher’s eyes will be open so that they realize they are walking and leading many down the wrong path.
3 MNK to realize that Our God is close enough to know our hearts.
4 The villages who are hearing God’s Word will be humbled and seek His Face.
5 The Light will shine in this stronghold of Satan.
6 Friends who are expecting their first child. That this Truth will shine in their hearts.
7 The village “B” that they will be convicted of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
8 That hearts will be softened to receive God’s Word broadcasted on the radio as the Living Truth.
9 That the villages “BF”, “S”, and “TK” will invite us to teach in their villages.
10 Travel mercies and good health for the volunteer team from SC coming to work among the MNK.
11 The people of Sedhiou to have open ears, eyes, and hearts as the volunteers work and share Christ’s love.
12 That the MNK believers in Gambia, Senegal, and Guinea Bissau will worship God in Spirit and Truth.
13 The witnessing presence that the volunteer team will be as they clean and repair the Memorial Site.
14 The volunteer team will have many opportunities to pray and share their testimony in compounds in Sedhiou.
15 That the radio staff and community leaders will HEAR the Sila Tilindingo tonight and be transformed.
16 The time the volunteers spend in the village “Bu”. Pray that doors will be opened as a result of answered prayers.
17 Seeds will be sown, hearts prepared, and many will step out in faith to confess Jesus as Lord and Savior.
18 The greater MNK team will daily serve Christ in faith and deeds.
19 SD a MNK pastor, that his ministry will be fruitful, and that he and his family will be encouraged.
20 The scales will be removed from the eyes of MNK men and women so that they can walk on the righteous road.
21 FC a believer to help his family join Him on the Righteous Way. Pray for FC’s faith to continue to grow.
22 That many will be eager to hear God’s Word tonight, and listen attentively for its duration.
23 That D and M will clearly see a difference in God’s Word and their religious book.
24 M, a believer, who is seeking a wife and is praying that she will also be a believer.
25 The MNK youth to seek God and not the ways of the world.
26 MNK believers to boldly worship in spirit and truth.
27 MNK women to turn from the road of charms and helplessness to the arms of our loving Savior.
28 Heads of households will realize they are on the road that leads to death and seek God.
29 Those who hear God’s Word on the radio will seek out believers for further discussion.
30 A teacher who has lots of knowledge, but is on the path that leads to death. Pray that his eyes will be opened to the truth.
31 Praise God for His Goodness and Mercy that passes all understanding.

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