1 The MNK will understand that God’s law is loving, not oppressive as sometimes man’s law can be.
2 The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of MNK men and women so that they can know the Truth.
3 The electricity will be good so that many will hear God’s Word through Sila Tilindingo.
4 HD, who works for another evangelical organization, as she continues Bible Translation work in Mandinka.
5 The Holy Spirit will reveal new locations to form Bible studies.
6 The people of Village “B” to desire to know God’s Law.
7 As Pastor MC shares Biblical Truths many will trust in the Lord.
8 M a believer will trust in God to meet his needs especially finding a help mate.
9 JM a worker among the MNK to point seekers to the Rock of our Salvation.
10 Many MNK will listen to the Sila Tilindingo on the radio tonight and put their trust in Jesus.
11 MNK women will turn from their charms and turn to the Living God.
12 The MNK live for today. Pray that they will consider the vastness of eternity compared to the present and seek God with all of their heart.
13 MNK children will learn to read and have opportunities to read God’s Word and learn more of His attributes that He reveals.
14 MNK mother’s to experience God’s mercy and seek forgiveness of their sins.
15 Pastor SD’s ministry among the MNK as he shares Biblical Truths.
16 Religious teachers among the MNK will experience God’s mercy and be changed.
17 The People of Sedhiou will begin to understand the attributes of God.
18 The MNK will be forgiven for their transgressions for we know this is done only through faith in Jesus.
19 MT who listens to God’s Word to place her trust in God’s loving-kindness.
20 Let us praise God that Salvation is from His love and mercy.
21 The MNK will seek the perfect peace that only Christ can give.
22 MU a fellow worker among the MNK to be an effective witness for Christ.
23 FC a MNK believer to lead his family in the way of peace.
24 God’s Word via the Sila Tilindingo will shine through the spiritual darkness in the Casamance.
25 New opportunities to share The Good News in villages in the Sedhiou area
26 The MNK will believe that Jesus came from Heaven to prepare the way of eternal peace.
27 The MNK will soon thank Jesus for shining His Light in this dark place.
28 MNK believers will desire to gather together to worship in obedience to our Savior.
29 MNK men and women to understand the Holiness of God and truly revere Him.
30 MB who recently professed faith in Christ to hold fast to the Lord in all circumstances.
31 The region surrounding Sedhiou will be transformed though the hearing of the Word.

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