1 Many who hear God’s Word on the radio this evening will seek forgiveness for their sins.
2 MNK men will realize that forgiveness is not attained in their own strength.
3 Many MNK women will experience the forgiveness of sin.
4 God will cover the sins of a core group of MNK to begin His church among the MNK people.
5 New believers to come to know and believe in our God who is patient not wanting anyone to perish.
6 God will have mercy on the village “S” and draw them near to Him.
7 Pray for the teacher “M” who has had health problems to turn our Heavenly Father.
8 Those listening to the Sila Tilindingo will hide the scripture that they hear in their hearts.
9 FC, MK, and MB, believers, to develop a quiet time and learn to wait upon the Lord.
10 Our Lord will be exalted throughout Senegal, The Gambia, and Guinea Bissau.
11 MNK religious teachers to begin to understand these attributes of God, that He is gracious, merciful, and just.
12 A new seeker,JBT., who is reading God’s Word, to take refuge in Jesus.
13 Gib. D, a teacher, to read the Bible and understand God’s perfect way.
14 New villages and teaching points to desire to hear the Good News.
15 The radio station workers to be changed by the Scripture that is shared on the Sila Tilindingo.
16 MtK, an MNK woman, to desire to know the truths of Scripture.
17 Workers among the MNK to have discernment when many come seeking help with food, medicine, and other requests.
18 MNK youth will recognize God’s Word is truth.
19 God will add to Pastor SD’s flock in The Gambia.
20 Village “B” to recognize that the path of their fathers is the path of eternal separation and repent.
21 Pray for seekers DD and MF to repent, be baptized, and begin a new life in Christ.
22 Praise God for the opportunity for thousands of MNK to hear the Gospel on the radio each week.
23 Psalm 69:30: I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify him with thanksgiving.
24 God will prepare fertile hearts in a new area of out reach southeast of our town.
25 Praise our Holy Father for who He is and what he desires us to become.
26 MNK seekers to resist fears of being associated with believers.
27 MNK believers in Senegal, The Gambia, and Guinea Bissau to be faithful when under persecution.
28 MK, a baptized believer, to be strengthened as his family shuns him because of his decision for Christ.
29 Praise God for the opportunity to have His Word on the radio so many may hear in secret.
30 FC, a believer, to step out in faith to be baptized.

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