1 MNK men and women to turn to Jesus and praise God for His Righteousness.
2 The women, MB and SD, at the village “B” to open their hearts to God’s Word
3 God will call many MNK elders to salvation.
4 Many MNK to begin understanding God’s Righteousness as they hear the Sila Tilindingo on the radio.
5 MK an MNK believer to be strengthened as he studies about God’s Righteousness.
6 MNK team will glorify God in words and deed among the MNK people.
7 The birth of the MNK church that will begin a church planting movement throughout the region.
8 PF, a believer and teacher, to share his faith boldly with other teachers and students.
9 Gib D. a teacher and seeker to truly fear Jehovah and give his life to the Lord.
10 MF as he reads scripture in Arabic script to understand that Jesus is the road to salvation.
11 MNK youth will hear the Sila Tilindingo and begin to question traditions and teachings that disagree with God’s Word.
12 MNK youth to learn to read well and desire to read scripture.
13 More teachers, who are believers, come to the Sedhiou area to be a witness.
14 A teacher, M, who is blessed with much earthly knowledge to begin to truly fear Jehovah.
15 MNK seekers to search for and find places to worship in spirit and truth.
16 MNK men to be drawn to the Father and repent.
17 A young MNK mother of two, AS, to trust Jesus as her savior.
18 Many who hear the radio broadcast will seek to know more about the scriptures.
19 God will raise up MNK believers and send them throughout this land sharing the Good News.
20 MNK men and women to hear God’s Word and believe.
21 The Holy Spirit will cover the MNK people and draw them to the Truth.
22 Workers among the MNK to persevere in sharing the Gospel daily.
23 Group of young MNK men who listen to God’s Word regularly to realize that the Kingdom of God is at hand.
24 “VD” our host at village “S” to desire to know God and repent.
25 Listeners of the Sila Tilindingo will also discuss the Bible Story and accept the truths found in scripture.
26 “DD” who has heard the Good News many times to believe and repent.
27 People of peace from different villages to seek to know more of the Gospel.
28 “MS” who is married to a believer to repent and believe in the Gospel.
29 A core group of mature men to believe and become members of the first MNK church.
30 A core group of women to believe and also become members of the MNK church.
31 A core group of youth to believe and prepare to be future leaders and evangelists in the MNK church.

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