1 The MNK men and women will believe the promise that God made to Abraham and as a nation turn to the Living God.
2 The Holy Spirit will hover over the countries of Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea Bissau and bring an awareness of sin in the lives of the MNK.
3 The Holy Spirit will use the scripture that D and M have heard many times and convince them of their need of a Savior.
4 This is Independence Day for Senegal. Let’s pray for the MNK to find True Freedom in Christ.
5 The Holy Spirit will cause many who hear the Sila Tilindingo on the radio to be convicted of their sin and turn to Christ.
6 The workers among the MNK will constantly submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
7 The Holy Spirit will convict the religious teachers in respect of sin.
8 The Holy Spirit will remove the scales that blind so many MNK from the Love of God that passes all understanding.
9 MK and FC, believers, will be imitators of God, walk in love, and be a light amongst their community and family.
10 Pastors, working in areas near MNK’s, to walk in God’s love and help break down barriers that turn MNK’s away from Christ.
11 Some of the school teachers are believers. Pray that they will be instruments to point the youth of Sedhiou to Christ.
12 As many listen to God’s Word, pray that they will begin to understand the vast love of God and the sacrifice that Christ made for the payment of sin.
13 The religious leader in village B to respond to the God’s Word, and lead his village in the Way of Righteousness.
14 And when he drew nigh, he saw the city and wept over it, Today Jesus weeps over the MNK’s lostness.
15 According to Mat 18:19 let us pray in unity, asking our Heavenly Father to draw the MNK into His saving arms.
16 The tomb is empty for us, but not for the MNK. Pray that they will find the empty tomb.
17 MS who is married to a believer to believe in the Truth of the Resurrection.
18 The village of S to seek to know the Way of Righteousness.
19 The greater community of Sedhiou to hear God’s Word on the radio and be transformed.
20 The teacher who had a bout with physical blindness to have his spiritual eyes opened.
21 The translation of the Old Testament in Mandinka to be completed.
22 Mt a neighbor to listen attentively to God’s Word and His Word will not return void.
23 MNK believers will desire to come together to worship as a body of believers under the Lordship of Christ.
24 MNK women to believe that they have a place God’s Kingdom.
25 That more villages to seek to hear God’s Word.
26 Many MNK will hear God’s Word on the radio and learn more of God’s True Character.
27 Ma and S as they begin lessons from the New Testament to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
28 A core group of believers who will understand the urgency to take the Gospel to their people.
29 Governments would allow its citizens the opportunity to hear and accept the Truth without penalty.
30 Satan will be bound and not allowed to continue to blind the eyes and hearts of the MNK.

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