1 DD, father of three, he has heard the Truth many times.
2 OC, young man, he works as a maison, he joins informal talks on spiritual matters.
3 IF & AK, IF is more inquisitive than AK, they are friends with a local believer.
4 BC, participated in the fasting month, but has heard the Gospel.
5 NM, a woman who hears teaching twice a week.
6 MkS, who tries to do her best raising six children, but is lost.
7 MF, from DjT village who asks to hear stories of Jesus.
8 CF, wife of the village chief of DjT.
9 Sk, woman who works hard in the fields and listens to Bible stories
10 The elderly village chief and his son, the acting chief who have heard the stories
And know they are good.
11 YK, the village chief of BN, who has asked us to pray for peace for his village and family.
12 IK, is YK’s sister, she often listens closely to the Bible stories.
13 NC, the ladies Bible study host in BN, She calls her neighbors to come and listen.
14 FF, of BN, an elderly woman who listens well, but defends her beliefs.
15 YD, mature son of our host in BN. Often asks questions after storying session.
16 Ad,a young woman at BN who participates during the storying times.
17 BbC a male nurse from MK village, who is a person of peace.
18 BnC, a language helper in Sedhiou.
19 Dm, the village chief of BF.
20 OS, is a watchman, he has many opportunities to ask spiritual questions.
21DtD, a young mother, she is educated and has good insights.
22 SS, a youth, who is curious about spiritual matters.
23 VDJ from the village S, he has a wife and three children.
24 PD, who was recently presented with a Gospel presentation.
25 We boldly ask for the Mandinka People to call on the name of Jesus as Lord.
26 SB, a mother of two who reads some MNK scripture.
27 JC, a young teenage girl who does not often receive positive attention.
28 NS, a young mother, her husband knows the Truth.
29 MS, his wife and children are believers
30 BD, a politician from Sedhiou
31 ID, a young man who is friends with a local believer.

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