1 ND, a woman in our group at BN, who asked how her heart can be cleaned.
2 Dm, the chief of BF, to listen and believe the scriptures that are shared weekly in his village.
3 God will bless the ministry of KG, a pastor from Guinea Bissau, to bear fruit.
4 MK, a baptized believer, who has been ostracized by some of his family members because of his faith.
5 People in SsB to trust in the Healer of both physical and spiritual needs
6 Good electricity so that the Sila Tilindingo may be heard by many.
7 BbC, a male nurse, who has a passion to help his people will first find Christ
8 OS to feel the weight of his sin and the futility of his good works for salvation
9 FC to boldly stand up for what he knows is the Truth, even when others threaten him
10 Pastor SD and his family as they minister to the MNK in their town
11IF & AK to seek to know more about God through the scriptures
12 DD, who states that the Bible is true, to believe this in his heart.
13 Many people will listen to the Sila Tilindingo and seek to know more about Jesus.
14 True peace to permeate the hearts of the people in village DS
15 Travel mercies for the volunteer team from Hunter Street in Alabama.
16 Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of those that the volunteer group will meet.
17 AN, a believer in a nearby town who has a heart to share the Good News to be strengthened.
18 The volunteers will meet people of peace as they pray and share God’s Word in the village MK.
19 The optometrist as he uses his talents to serve in the village of BF.
20 The people of BN will open their hearts to the message of Truth.
21 The Holy Spirit will hover over these villages and draw MNK to step out in faith.
22 Travel mercies for the team as they return to Dakar and then the US.
23 Elders of these villages to reflect on the prayers and teachings that they heard and seek to know God.
24 Praise God for the MNK believers who are gathered in His Name today.
25 DtD, a young mother, to turn from traditional medicine and witchcraft and find her hope in Christ alone
26 God to reveal Himself in dreams & visions to those who are listening to the Gospel.
27 Many MNK will seek to know more information after hearing the ST on the radio.
28 Many MNK who can read, will search the scriptures for the Road to Salvation.
29 The Holy Spirit will draw a core group of believers at each of our teaching points.

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