1The people of Village BDJ in the Blue Jay area to have open hearts to the Gospel.
2The people of Village MK also in the Blue Jay area to have open hearts to the Gospel.
3Pray for the people of Village BN in the Blue Jay area to have open hearts to the Gospel.
4Pray for the people of Village S in another area to desire to have a regular meeting time to study God’s Word.
5Travel mercies for the team from Hunter Street as they travel to Dakar.
6These villages in the Blue Jay area to agree to meet regularly to study God’s Word.
7MC, a pastor in the Gambia, and his ministry to be a light in their community.
8OC a neighbor to read the Bible he was given and believe its Truths.
9MK, a baptized believer, to grow daily in his relationship with the Father.
10God to prepare the hearts of those listening to the Sila Tilindingo on the radio this evening.
11M and S from the village “B” to share the Bible stories with others from their village.
12As our “M” friends go to do their prayers, that they will experience an emptiness that pushes them to seek Christ.
13The religious teachers in the Blue Jay villages to read and study God’s Word that was given to them.
14That an MNK church will be planted during this year.
15New teaching points in the Blue Jay area.
16Kimberly as she prepares to come to work among the MNK.
17Workers at the radio station to hear the Gospel on the radio tonight.
18FC, a believer, to step out in faith and be baptized.
19Religious teachers to question their teachings and acknowledge inconsistencies.
20IF & AK a young married couple to become dissatisfied with Is.
21MNK believers and seekers to desire to worship God corporately.
22The revision of the MNK translation of the Bible to be completed soon.
23DD a seeker to put his trust in Jesus not tradition.
24Pray against distractions as many listen to the Sila Tilindingo.
25NM, a young woman, who has been listening to the Bible Stories.
26Peace as preparations are made for national elections.
27All plans & strategies will be led by the Holy Spirit.
28A pastor, SD and his wife, for their ministry and her health during pregnancy.
29More workers to come and share the Good News with the MNK.
30MF as he reads the Bible in Arabic script to give his life to Christ.
31Many hearts will be broken as they hear the Gospel on the Sila Tilindingo.

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