1 SD, a MNK pastor & his wife as they share the message of liberty in his home village in The Gambia.
2 Opportunities to share Christ in new villages and compounds in the Sedhiou area.
3 The elders in the village “BN” to be convicted of sin and turn to Jesus.
4 The people of Sedhiou will hear the words of freedom while listening to the Sila Tilindingo.
5 Those who have received Bibles or scripture portions will diligently read them.
6 A young man, LD, who often questions traditional beliefs, will search scripture for answers.
7 The MNK will be freed from the bondages of Is.
8 MNK Believers to be bold in sharing their faith in Christ.
9 BC to seek to know God with all of his heart.
10 The chief of “BF” to become dissatisfied with Is.
11 As many hear Bible stories of David that they will desire to truly love God.
12 God will open the heart of FC’s wife and son to know the Truth.
13 Encouragement for MK, a baptized believer, who often feels alone.
14 OS, who listens to the Sila Tilindingo and talks with Kimberly to seek God with all of his heart.
15 MNK believers to develop indigenous music to praise and worship the Father.
16 God to open the hearts and minds of the people of DjT village to the message of the Jesus film.
17 God will send dreams & visions of His Truth to the people of BN.
18 The electricity will be good so that many can listen to the Sila Tilindingo tonight.
19 Preparations for the upcoming gathering of MNK believers.
20 DD who has heard the Gospel many times to step out in faith and believe.
21 ID, a tall strong young man to yield to the Lordship of Christ.
22 God to bless Pastor MC’s ministry in The Gambia with fruit.
23 Opportunities for Kimberly to share Christ with her neighbor, DtD.
24 God to send dreams to MS, who is married to a believer, to call him to salvation.
25 Elders of Sedhiou will hear the Sila Tilindingo and seek to know more about God.
26 Village chief and religious teacher at MK to ask for more teaching of God’s Word in their village.
27 The physical health of MNK men & women as they work the fields during the rainy season.
28 The people of peace and seekers will boldly come forward and claim Christ as Lord.
29 Praise God for MNK believers who are worshipping Him today.
30 Workers among the MNK to not be diverted by working against social wrongs in an Is Society.
31 Boldness among workers to proclaim the Gospel daily.

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