1 MNK will hear God’s call in righteousness, and will walk with the Light of the World.
2 The Light to shine in this barren and dark land.
3 MC, a Gambian pastor, to be bold as he preaches the Word.
4 A core group of MNK men to come under judgment for their sin, repent, and be the spark of a church planting movement.
5 BC, a young seeker, to read his Bible and search for Truth.
6 Many will come under conviction of sin as they hear the Sila Tilindingo on the radio.
7 MNK women to leave their traditional beliefs and acknowledge sin in their life.
8 Village “BN” as they hear stories from God’s Word, to realize that “good works” is futile.
9 Ami N, a believer, in a neighboring town as she shares the Way of Righteousness in surrounding villages.
10 New ways to disciple oral learners to facilitate a church planting movement.
11 Boldness for MK, a believer, to share his faith with close friends and family.
12 The scales to be removed from the eyes and ears of the MNK so they can recognize God’s Word as Truth.
13 Pray for electricity so the Sila Tilindingo may be heard throughout the Sedhiou area.
14 Pray for DtD, Kimberly’s language helper, to see Christ through Kimberly.
15 Village MK to see beyond physical needs and seek God’s Word.
16 IF & AK will read scripture that they have been given and seek to know more.
17 MNK men to seek God with all their minds, heart, soul, and strength.
18 PF, a believer and teacher to be a bold witness for Christ before his students
19 The Holy Spirit to create a desire to know the true God in VDJ from village “S.”
20 Radio manager, ZT, to seek to follow the “Straight Road,” the Sila Tilindingo.
21 Thank God for physically healing the village chief of “BF”. Pray for spiritual healing.
22 MS, a MNK man married to a believer, to search the Word for Truth.
23 God would bless the ministry of SD, a pastor, and his wife in a Gambian village
24 MNK believers to develop music for worship that is culturally sensitive
25 Many would find that their trust in traditional beliefs/practices is futile
26 People in Sedhiou and other villages would be open to hearing to Scripture
27 Kimberly’s new friends & neighbors to be open to the Truth as she shares with them
28 Many MNK would find freedom in the message of the gospel
29 MNK young people to use their minds to question the cultural religious beliefs
30 The “witch-doctors” would lose the power to hold people in fear

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