1. Kimberly as she begins MNK language study.
2. The Gospel message to be heard clearly by many through the Sila Tilindingo broadcast.
3. Richard as he shares the Word in the village “BN”.
4.The Holy Spirit to open DD’s heart & ears to receive the Gospel.
5.God will reveal Himself in dreams & visions to people of peace in the “Blue Jay” area.
6. Pastor S. D. to preach God’s word boldly to those in the Gambia
7. MNK would come under the conviction of sin
8. B.C. and others who are seeking would understand that their heart is not clean
9.Those who listen to the S. T. broadcast, would realize that their righteousness can come only through Christ
10.MNK would realize that lying is a transgression against God
11.Pure hearts among the members of the MNK team
12. MNK would recognize that trusting in spirits is sin against the one true God
13. The future MNK church would be committed to seeking the Holy Spirit’s leading for direction
14. Those who are seeking would see fruit and evidence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers
15. The Holy Spirit would make His healing power evident to the sick
16. God will use the message of the S.T. broadcast to touch the hearts of many MNK who long for Truth
17.The Spirit would move mightily in the hearts of those who have had the opportunity to hear the Good News
18.The couple, I.F. and A.K., would have open ears to hear the testimony of a believing friend, MK.
19. The Holy Spirit would cause people to realize the emptiness in their prayers to a false god
20. Pastor MC in The Gambia to have a strong discipleship at church.
21.Religious teacher in BN’s heart will be fertile ground for God’s Word
22.MS, a neighbor, will be receptive to hearing stories from God’s Word
23.God’s Word through ST to break down strongholds in the lives of MNK in Sedhiou
24.BC, the nurse at MK to desire to study God’s Word.
25.The village chief of BS to have an openness to the Gospel
26. The Sovereign Lord will make righteousness spring up before the MNK.
27. That the Lord would grant MK boldness to share his testimony with friends and family
28. As prayers of the Charleston Association team are answered, people would see that they are answered in Jesus’ name
29. Coaches and city officials of recreation would be impacted by the witness of the Grace volunteer team that came last month
30. MNK would question what they are told by the religious leaders in their search for Truth
31. That F.C. would be strengthened and encouraged in his faith

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