1 The Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the MNK in the Sedhiou area, so they will no longer be deceived.
2 This area is a spiritually dark area. Pray for the MNK to turn from darkness to the Light.
3 Many will hear the Gospel through the Sila Tilindingo and turn to the one true God.
4 Religious leaders to turn from the power of Satan to Christ.
5 The MNK to receive forgiveness of their sins, through blood of Jesus.
6 Praise God for the MNK who have been sanctified by faith in Christ.
7 MNK believers to have increased faith in our triumphant Christ.
8 As M’s celebrate the night of power, that the will experience spiritual emptiness.
9 MNK’s will begin to question teachings that have been handed down.
10 There will be no distractions in homes as the Sila Tilindingo airs tonight.
11 MNK seekers to see the emphasis of self in the Ramadan fast.
12 Men and women of the village BN to seek to truly worship God.
13 Good health as men and women tend their fields.
14 MNK believers to have increased faith in our triumphant Christ.
15 Teachers and students to have opportunities to read & study scripture.
16 The Holy Spirit to soften the heart of OS to the message of the gospel
17 Radio station manager to be touched be the message through the Sila Tilindingo.
18 As Scripture is shared; it would not be squelched by the weeds of falsehood of Is.
19 DD & YF, a neighbor, to choose to obey God’s Holy Word.
20 The people of “BF” to set their heart to study the Law of the Lord.
21 Join MNK believers in praising God for His Righteousness.
22 MNK would understand that through Jesus they can be clothed in robes of righteousness.
23 BC would grasp that a personal relationship with God is possible through Christ.
24 Good reception so that outlying villages can hear the Sila Tilindingo.
25 Religious teachers would sense the futility of their ritualistic prayers.
26 MS, a M who is married to a believer, to realize his works will not save him.
27 IF & AK to seek to know more about Christ.
28 Pastor SD to reap fruit in his ministry in The Gambia.
29 The women of DjT would thirst for Truth and find Jesus.
30 BbC, a male nurse who has a passion to help his people, will seek God.
31 God will bind the “prince of this world.”

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