1 The completion of the translation of the Old Testament into Mandinka.
2 The Holy Spirit will move in the hearts of the MNK to enable a church planting movement.
3 Pastor SD as he prepares to travel and encourage believers in Senegal, Guinea Bissau, and Guinea.
4 MNK woman seeker to accompany Kimberly to villages as she shares the Word.
5 Employees at the local radio station to hear the Truth and turn from Is.
6 Protection from discouragement for workers among the MNK.
7 FC’s faith in Christ to be strengthened.
8 AN, a believer, as she shares her faith in a nearby town.
9 MNK believers to witness to their friends and relatives and begin a church planting movement.
10 The village leaders of BN have taken a step backwards, pray that they will feel the emptiness of Is.
11 Praise God for His Sovereignty.
12 Many in the Sedhiou area to respond to the Sila Tilindingo broadcast.
13 Workers among the MNK to use this time of fasting to point people to the perfect sacrifice.
14 Protection and provision for SD and his family as he travels.
15 As many MNK begin their fasting month that they understand this does not bring forgiveness.
16 A strong church with a backbone of Christian families to emerge among the MNK.
17 During this Ramadan season, many would sense “unfulfillment” in their efforts to do good works
18 As many women are working in the rice fields, that their hearts will be drawn to spiritual matters.
19 Sila Tilindingo would not be interrupted by power outages during the rainy season.
20 OS, an MNK man, will see the contrast between the world and followers of Jesus.
21 The Holy Spirit to touch the heart of the chief of the village of BF.
22 IF & AK to desire to know of God’s Plan of Salvation.
23 The ministry of MS, a pastor in The Gambia, to have fruit.
24 Pray for travel mercies for SD and for him as he meets with believers in four countries.
25 The Truth would be clear to the young men who ask for Bibles.
26 Many who hear the Sila Tilindingo to seek to know Jesus as Lord.
27 Scattered MNK believers to be encouraged as they hear news of the gathering.
28 As death is a common reality among the MNK, many would recognize the hopelessness of Is.
29 DD who has been confronted with the Truth to make a decision for Christ.
30 God would raise up an MNK believer with a heart to write songs of worship.

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