1 MK, a baptized believer, to grow in his relationship to Christ.
2 DD, a seeker, will spend time reading scripture to seek Truth.
3 MCl & husband both believers to be a light to their families and preserve.
4 YM the chief of MK and his sons to have dreams and visions of Christ.
5 BbC, from MK to reflect on differences he saw in the volunteer teams this year.
6 The Sila Tilindingo to be heard by many in and around Sedhiou without distractions.
7 Good health and endurance for the men & women working in their fields.
8 Women in MK to hunger and thirst for the Word of God.
9 Religious leader, D, at MK to become dissatisfied with the teachings of Is.
10 SD and his family as they are a witnessing presence in their community.
11 VDJ, from the village S, to be drawn to read and study God’s Word.
12 Young men in the village S to turn away from Is.
13 Many MNK will open their hearts to the scripture that is shared through the Sila Tilindingo.
14 The food supply will be sufficient during this time of difficult physical work.
15 The Holy Spirit will draw FC’s wife, NS, to seek a relationship with Christ.
16 Travel safety for children who are visiting friends and relatives while school is out.
17 KG, MNK pastor in Guinea Bissau, and his flock to be strong in their faith.
18 NC and FF, two of our hosts in BN to reflect on the Bible stories that showed the attributes of God.
19 All of the women in the BN group will understand that they are precious to God.
20 The radio station workers will listen closely to God’s Word shared through Sila Tilindingo.
21 Religious leader, C, in BN to have dreams that reveal Christ as Lord.
22 BN village chief, YK, will believe that forgiveness comes only through the blood of Jesus.
23 The love of Christ shown through volunteers will break down barriers in BN.
24 AN, and her daughters, as they share their faith with their neighbors.
25 The new village chief in BF, will be a person of peace.
26 The Holy Spirit will cause YD, an elder in BF to remember lessons about Jesus.
27 Many MNK youth will listen and be changed by what they hear through the Sila Tilindingo.
28 The people of BF will understand why volunteers have come to help them.
29 The Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of IF & AK towards the Gospel.
30 A good rainy season with an abundant harvest
31A church planting movement among the MNK.

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