1Out pouring of the Holy Spirit on the MNK in The Gambia, Senegal, and Guinea Bissau.
2 Travel mercies for those coming to the Gathering
3 SD as he leads in worship and meeting times to be guided by the Holy Spirit.
4 MNK believers will be strengthened in their discipleship during this time.
5Unity among the MNK believers.
6God will be glorified as the MNK believers gather to worship.
7 The believers’ witness as they return to their homes.
8 The seekers who have witnessed the gathering to make a decision for Christ.
9Those listening to the Sila Tilindingo will open their hearts to the truth.
10 The groups in BN who listen to God’s Word weekly to become aware for their need for a savior.
11DD, who read the Christmas story to our neighbors, to believe Gabriel’s message.
12 God to send dreams and visions revealing Himself to the MNK.
13The development of MNK indigenous worship music.
14 The religious teacher at MF who is a person of peace to lead his village to follow Jesus.
15 The Holy Spirit will help those in the weekly Bible study groups to know that the Gospel is true.
16Against distractions in MNK’s homes as they listen to the Sila Tilindingo.
17MK, a baptized believer, to share his faith with his friends.
18 IF & AK, a couple, to seek to know God and His plan for their life.
19 The village chief of BF and his family to make a decision for Christ.
20Pastor MC’s ministry in The Gambia to flourish.
21 Our host, MF, in the village DjT to believe God’s Word is Truth.
22 God to reveal himself in dreams and visions to those who attend the teaching groups.
23 Broadcast of the Sila Tilindingo to be heard clearly in outlying villages.
24Holy Spirit will draw MS, who is married to a believer, to study scripture.
25 FC to grow in his relationship with God and be strengthened in his faith
26 Kimberly as she continues to build a relationship with DtD.
27AN as she continues to work with MNK believers
28 God will raise up leadership among MNK believers
29 Women in the villages would ask God to show them the truth
30 Listeners in Spain to be touched by Sila Tilindingo tapes they’ve requested
31BC, a young man to seek to know more about Jesus.

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