1 NC, our host at BN, will experience the freedom that only faith in Christ can bring into her live.
2 Many people in and around Sedhiou will listen intently to the hour long broadcast of the Sila Tilindingo.
3 The village, MK, will be liberated from the bondage of Is.
4 MNK believers enjoy true freedom in Christ, and will serve one another through love.
5 Religious teachers will realize they are in bondage and seek freedom through Christ.
6 Praise God for MNK believers who earnestly seek to do the will of the Father.
7 MS, who is married to a believer, will realize his need to confess his sins and seek forgiveness.
8 The people of village S will confess their guilt and seek the Righteous Way.
9 Good electricity so that many will have the opportunity to hear the broadcast of ST.
10 DD, a seeker, will earnestly seek the forgiveness of sin through the blood of Jesus.
11 DjT village chief, F, will lead his village to search God’s Word to earnestly seek Him.
12 BC, a neighbor, will acknowledge his guilt and seek to know Christ.
13 Holy Spirit will bless Pastor KG’s flock a hundredfold in Guinea Bissau.
14 LDe from village BDJ will read God’s Word and the Word will find fertile soil in his heart.
15 Holy Spirit to prompt MK, a baptized believer, to have regular quite times and mature in his faith
16 Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of many to receive the Word through the ST.
17 The crops will produce an abundant harvest this year throughout Senegal.
18 IF & AK will seek to know the true God with all of their hearts.
19 Kimberly and our GCC’s as they continue to share God’s Word among the MNK in the Sedhiou area.
20 SD and his family to help many MNK to embrace the Gospel of Grace.
21 MF, our host in DjT will pray Psalm 119:18.
22 OC, our neighbor, will pray Psalm 119:18
23 As many listen to the ST radio broadcast that they will ask God to open their eyes to His Truth
24 SB, who often accompanies us to storying groups, will pray 119:18.
25 YM, the village chief of MK will pray Psalm 119:18.
26 YD, one of the village elders at BF, will pray Psalm 119:18.
27 AN, a believer, will be strong in the Word and will continue to witness in her community.
28 FC, a believer, to be strong in his walk with Christ.
29 VDJ, from the village S, will truly begin to fear the Lord.
30 Through the Chronological Bible Stories on the ST, many will give their heart to Christ.
31 OS who “works” hard to please God, will understand he needs to give his heart and reverently fear God.

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