1 SD, MNK pastor in The Gambia
2 KF, chief of DjT
3 YM, Chief of MK
4 Sila Tilindingo
5 D, chief of S
6 D, Chief of DS
7 F, Chief of BJ
8 MK, baptized believer
9 D, religious teacher at BF
10 C, religious teacher at BN
11 Sila Tilindingo
12 N, religious teacher at MF
13 B, religious teacher at S
14 T, religious teacher at MY
15 KG, MNK pastor in Guinea Bissau
16 BbC, nurse from MK
17 MF, woman host from DjT
18 Sila Tilindingo
19 LDe, new seeker, friend of DD
20 DD, long time seeker
21 MM, son of chief of MK
22 FC, a believer
23 NC, woman host from BN
24 PD, elder in our neighborhood
25 Sila Tilindingo
26 SB, woman who helps with storying groups
27 BnC, language teacher
28 IF & AK a couple (IF is a tailor)
29 AN, a woman believer
30 VF, works in MNK literacy

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