1 The seed that was scattered by the vol. team is taking root in the MNK.
2 God will increase Pastor SD & his family’s faith as they minister in The Gambia.
3 FC to be strengthened in his walk with the Lord.
4 Our GCC coworkers’ faith will continue to grow as they face their work in this spiritually dark place.
5 As many in Sedhiou hear stories of Jesus on the radio that they will step out in faith.
6 The MNK team will walk by faith, not by sight.
7 The families of the volunteers from Charleston Association to have good health and remain strong
8 Travel mercies for the volunteers from Charleston Assoc in Missouri as they come to minister among the MNK
9 Soon many MNK will gather regularly to worship in spirit and truth.
10 An openness among the MNK as the vol. team prays and ministers.
11 The Holy Spirit to open the heart of NC, our host in BN.
12 The Word spoken over the broadcast of Sila Tilindingo will find fertile soil.
13 The Vol. Team will be a light in this community.
14 The people of Sedhiou will recognize that the heart of Christ is one of love, charity, and salvation.
15 God’s Word to penetrate the heart of OD, a young man who recently received copies of MNK scripture
16 The Bible will be completed in the MNK language.
17 MNK widows to trust that Christ can meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs
18 DD, who knows the Bible stories from memory to give his heart to Christ
19 Christ would be magnified as the Sila Tilindingo shares the message of good news
20 DtD to see the false hope of Is and witch doctors
21 SB, who sometimes accompanies us to our teaching points to respond to the scripture
22 The chief’s family in BF will set the example to follow Christ.
23 The MNK believers will have a vision to reach their fellow MNKs for Christ.
24 God will open the heart of MS, who is married to a believer, to know the Truth.
25 DC, a friend of Kimberly’s who burned her hands, to understand the love and acceptance only Jesus can offer
26 Ten MNK in the Sedhiou area will make a commitment to Christ while listening to the ST broadcast.
27 God to show Himself as Sustainer despite the shortage of food and water this dry season
28 MK a baptized believer to know that Jesus is sufficient to meet all of his needs.
29 MNK to sense a void as they perform ritualistic prayers
30 AN, and her family as she witnesses faithfully in a dry and thirsty
31 BbC, a health care worker, to thirst to know God.

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