1 Travel mercies for the medical team coming from FBC, Jonesboro, GA
2 The health of team and family members as this team prepares to minister to the MNK.
3 Those waiting at the clinic will be open to the Good News that will be shared.
4 SD & another believer coming to assist with translation, for protection of their families.
5 God to soften the hearts of those living in and around MK as the Medical team ministers.
6 YM, the village chief of MK and his family to give their hearts to Christ.
7 Dm, the village chief of BF to see the love of Christ as the Medical team ministers in BF.
8 The women in BF will see the power of God through the team, and will stop trusting charms.
9 The men in BF will be changed by the message of hope and salvation.
10 Health workers in Sedhiou will see the Love of Christ as they observe the Medical team.
11 The Holy Spirit will draw the MNK to form a vibrant church to reach Senegal for Christ.
12 Those in the BF area who touched by the medical team will seek to know more about God.
13 BbC, the nurse who helped organize the ground work for the medical team will become a seeker.
14 Many to hear the clear teaching of scripture through the Sila Tilindingo on the radio.
15 DD, who has heard the Gospel many times to step out in faith and make a decision for Christ.
16 Workers among the MNK to have endurance during this hot dry season.
17 FC, a believer, will listen to cassettes of God’s Word and be strengthened.
18 KG, an MNK pastor in Guinea Bissau, will have fruit among the MNK.
19 The Word will penetrate the hearts of the ladies in the teaching group in BN.
20 SB, a young woman who assists Kimberly, will be open to the message.
21 Many will respond to the Word through the Sila Tilindingo on the radio.
22 BC, a young man, will read his Bible and turn away from Is.
23 Holy Spirit to give AN, a believer, wisdom as she shares her faith.
24 The ladies in Kimberly’s new group will be attentive to the lessons.
25 MNK believers, in isolated areas will be encouraged through worship today.
26 MS, who is married to a believer, will become dissatisfied with Is.
27 Travel mercies for the team from Kilgore, Texas coming to pray among the MNK.
28 Against distractions in compounds during the time of the Sila Tilindingo.
29 DjT village will be open to scripture shared by the volunteers.
30 DS village will realize the power of Jesus name in answered prayers.
31 The Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of the people of MF to the Word.

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