1 Workers among the MNK to be strengthened and renewed each day.
2 IS, the voice of the Sila Tilindingo, and his family as they live for Jesus in a difficult place.
3 Hunter Street volunteers and family members as they prepare to share the love of Christ.
4 US voters will seek God’s direction as we cast our ballots today.
5 As God’s Word is proclaimed through the Sila Tilindingo, it will find fertile soil.
6 SB, a seeker, to see the love of Christ in the volunteers as they minister to the MNK.
7 The Holy Spirit will open DD, as seekers eyes and ears to the Gospel.
8 Traveling mercies for the Hunter Street team as they arrive in Senegal.
9 SD and his family, as SD is away from home assisting the volunteer team with ministry.
10 YM, the chief of MK and elders of MK will seek to understand why this team has come to MK.
11 The people of MK who have listened to God’s Word will ask God to open their eyes to His Truth.
12 The Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the people of the village DS.
13 The villages BN, MF, MY, and BDJ that are near MK to seek to know more about Jesus.
14 The areas around DS including the village S desire to know this Road to Peace.
15 DD’s uncle, KD, who is an elder in DS to seek to know the reason that this team has peace.
16 Praise God for AN, a believer who boldly shares her faith amongst her people.
17 ID, we fondly call “big man” to become dissatisfied with the teachings of Is.
18 Daily FC, a believer, will spend quiet time meditating on God’s Word.
19 Many MNK will hear God’s Word broadcasted through the Sila Tilindingo tonight.
20 IF & AK, a couple, will seek to know the way of righteousness.
21 ZT, the radio manager to be changed by the message of the Sila Tilindingo.
22 PD, an elder in our neighborhood, to believe the truth of the Gospel.
23 Thank God for the MNK pastors who are obedient to His call on their lives.
24 Thank God for MNK believers who are standing firm in a difficult place.
25 Thank God that we can share the Gospel openly in this country that is dominated by Is.
26 Thank God for the all who worked to make the Sila Tilindingo broadcasts a reality.
27 Thank God for the promise of eternal life that we have through Jesus Christ.
28 Thank God for churches willing to partner with the MNK to bring the Gospel to this dark place.
29 Thank God for His desire revealed in 2 Peter 3:9.
30 God will draw many MNK who will worship in spirit and truth.

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