1 MNK to realize that they cannot remove their guilt in their own strength.
2 OS, Kimberly’s watchman to understand that his works will not clean his heart.
3 The Holy Spirit will open the hearts of those listening to the Sila Tilindingo tonight.
4 The Holy Spirit will help the ladies storying group in BN to begin to understand holiness.
5 MS, who is married to a believer, to seek to know more about the grace of Christ.
6 SnS, MyS, and JS, the wife and children of MS who are believers to be a light in their extended family.
7 MNK believers will be examples of righteousness in the community.
8 Those continuing to work their fields during the fasting month.
9 Hearts of women of village BJ to be softened as they hear about Jesus Christ
10 Good attention to the Sila Tilindingo although evening celebrations of breaking fast will be happening.
11 The Holy Spirit will help the MNK youth see the hypocrisy in Is.
12 Heads of households as they weigh the decision to buy a ram for sacrifice against daily needs.
13 Believer MK as he experiences isolation during the Islamic fasting month
14 AN, a believer, as she continues to boldly share her faith in her community.
15 SB, a seeker, will discover source of grace and faith as she reads and listens to Bible stories.
16 DD, a seeker, who is studying with a GCC, to take a step of faith.
17Good electricity and the equipment at the radio station will work properly during the time for the Sila Tilindingo.
18 YM, the chief of MK, to weigh the stories of faith against the scales and works of Is.
19 The Holy Spirit to help FC the promises of God in his daily walk.
20 MNK religious teachers will have access to scripture to study the faith of Abraham.
21 SD and his family as the children prepare to return to school.
22 AM, who is in SD’s care and injured in a MVA last year as he continues in his recovery.
23 God will receive the glory for the good rainy season this year.
24 Many MNK will hear the Good News through the Sila Tilindingo tonight.
25 The Holy Spirit to draw MF, from DjT, to seek to know more of God’s Word.
26 The Holy Spirit will lift up those working among the MNK in Southern Senegal.
27 The village, DS elders, will have dreams revealing Jesus as Lord.
28 KG, MNK pastor from Guinea Bissau and his family as they faithfully share the Gospel.
29 BbC, male nurse from MK, to read scripture and seek to know the Truth.
30 IF & AK to desire to walk in the light.

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