1 That God will pour out His Spirit on the Mandinka people so that many will come to saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
2 MNK believers who are gathering together to worship and pray for more MNK to believe in Christ.
3 Boldness among the believers gathered as they go out two by two and witness in the community.
4 The believers will be strengthened as they worship together and God will be glorified.
5 Openness to the Gospel in the communities that the gathered believers return.
6 DD, a seeker, to be changed by what he has witnessed among the believers.
7 The radio broadcast in a new area across the river will reach new listeners.
8 MK, a baptized believer, will be strengthened through the fellowship of other MNK believers.
9 FC, a believer, will choose to be baptized in obedience to the Word.
10 Praise God for all that he has done for and through the MNK believers.
11 SD, a MNK pastor, and his family to be encouraged by the fellowship of believers.
12 MNK Village elders in the many villages surrounding Sedhiou will become aware of their sin and the penalty.
13 MNK youth in and around Sedhiou to realize the road of Is is a part of the wide road that leads to destruction.
14 Those who hear the Sila Tilindingo will become aware of their transgressions.
15 Religious teachers in MNK villages will seek the road to forgiveness.
16 MNK women will not place their faith in charms, but will place their faith in the Truth.
17 Praise God for providing a way to forgive sins that is available for all who come unto HIM.
18 For the Holy Spirit to bless a pastor from The Gambia, MS’s family and ministry.
19 SB, who helped Kimberly, will continue to read and study scripture.
20 BC, a neighbor, will question the teachings of Is.
21 Open hearts so that many will hear and believe the message of the Sila Tilindingo on the radio.
22 YM, the chief of the village MK, will search to know more about the Living God.
23 NS, FC’s wife, will desire to hear the teachings of Jesus.
24 SS, a friend of our son, Daniel, will become discontented with Is.
25 MCl and husband, a MNK couple, will have opportunities to witness to their families.
26 NC, women’s host in the village BN, will ponder on all of the Bible stories that she heard.
27 The village BF to hunger to hear God’s Word taught in their village again.
28 The staff at the new radio station to be changed after hearing the message of the Sila Tilindingo.
29 BbC, a MNK nurse, will think about the testimonies he heard from volunteers that he worked alongside.
30 VDJ from the village S will read scripture and seek a relationship with Christ.
31 Holy Spirit to open hearts and minds of people in new areas around Sedhiou.

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