1 Many MNK will press on to know the true God of Abraham.
2 The MNK will begin to understand that our God is trustworthy.
3 Radio station manger and other employees to be changed by the Sila Tilindingo.
4 The Holy Spirit will soften hearts to be open to seeking the one who is as sure as the dawn.
5 Each MNK believer will boldly proclaim their reason for Hope.
6 GCC’s who also work among the MNK will be bold and effective as they proclaim the Gospel.
7 The Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the MNK to see the works of God in nature.
8 The radio station in Sedhiou is closed so the program ST is off tonight, pray for a hunger for the Gospel.
9 Through economic situation pray for a new openness to the Gospel.
10 Increase in listeners to the new area for the radio program Sila Tilindingo.
11 MNK youth will have many positive encounters with the Gospel.
12 Praise God that we serve a risen savior who is Christ the Lord.
13 DD to place his faith in our risen savior.
14 IF & AK to seek the great mercy of our Father and ask forgiveness of their sins.
15 MK, a baptized believer, to boldly live in faith in a difficult place.
16 BC, a neighbor, will realize there is no hope in Is.
17 Many MNK will place their faith in Christ after hearing the Truth through the Sila Tilindingo.
18 Workers will answer the call to go and share the Gospel with the Mandinka in West Africa.
19 The neighbors of SD, a MNK pastor, will witness SD and his family’s joy in the Lord.
20 SB, a neighbor and friend of Kimberly, will search scripture to seek Him.
21 The village, MK, as they prepare for their annual gammo to realize the hopelessness in Is.
22 The chief of MK, YM, will remember the stories from God’s Word and seek God.
23 NC, our host in BN, will seek to know more of the One who gives salvation.
24 Many MNK of MK & BN will sit together and listen to the Sila Tilindingo tonight.
25 YK, the chief of BN, will seek the One who can forgive his transgressions.
26 IS, the voice of the Sila Tilindingo, will continue to be an effective witness in his community.
27 KD, an elder with great influence in the village DS will come to know the Lord of lords.
28 The chief and other elders in DS to realize they cannot bribe God with their “good” deeds.
29 MNK women in DS will have opportunities to learn about God’s road to peace.
30 Many MNK in DS to have dreams and visions that reveal Jesus as Lord.

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