1 People of MK who heard the Good News to be transformed.
2 People of S who heard the Good News to be transformed.
3 People of DS who heard the Good News to be transformed.
4 The ones who hear the radio broadcast, Sila Tilindingo, will be transformed.
5 People of DjT who heard the Good News will be transformed.
6 SD and his family for health and protection as they transition to Senegal.
7 Answered prayers will point people to Christ.
8 MmS, a teacher from DS, will read and understand the Word.
9 BD, a health worker from DS, will believe the Gospel of Christ.
10 SDt, from S, but living in Spain, will seek true peace in Christ.
11 Many will listen to lessons on the life of Christ through the ST.
12 VD, from DjT, will contemplate all that he heard and saw through the team.
13 AN, a believer, for health and endurance as she shares her faith.
14 MK, a baptized believer, for discernment for work and time commitments.
15 MDj, DD’s wife, to desire to learn about God’s love for her.
16 SS, a friend of our son’s, will study God’s Word diligently.
17 BbC, a health worker, to seek to know more about God’s plan.
18 Good electricity for the radio broadcast, ST, tonight.
19 MD, the religious leader of our town, will encounter the Word.
20 KF, an MNK pastor, and his ministry in Guinea Bissau.
21 AdM, DD’s friend will continue to study God’s Word.
22 Holy Spirit to open the heart of NS, FC’s wife.
23 Good health for the team from Hunter Street and their families.
24 Our neighborhood to respond to the Christmas Story.
25 "and they shall call his name Immanuel" (Mat 1:23, ESV).
26 Travel mercies for today & tomorrow for the team.
27 Church Planting Movement among the MNK.
28 MNK youth in Sedhiou to be open to the Gospel Message.
29 Parents of youth will want to know more of the Message.
30 The team will build relationships in our town.
31 The Holy Spirit will hover over this MNK area called Pakoa.

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