1 MG, a believer who works with a mission agency, as he leads his family to love the Lord.
2 The Holy Spirit to prepare the heart of MM, the son of the chief of MK, to accept the deliverance of the Gospel.
3 SB, a seeker, will find our God of salvation as she studies scripture.
4 Praise God that His Word is being proclaimed through the Sila Tilindingo in Casamance.
5 DD, a seeker, will choose a relationship with Christ over cultural beliefs.
6 The Holy Spirit will draw KD, an elder in a very influential village, from the path of darkness.
7 DtD, one of Kimberly’s close friends to remember lessons from the Word that was shared.
8 SD, an MNK pastor, and his family will be refreshed as they worship today.
9 MK, a baptized believer, will trust God with his daily needs.
10 NC, host of women’s group in BN will remember Bible stories revealing God’s sufficiency.
11 Pray for young MNK men and women to have open hearts as they listen to the Sila Tilindingo.
12 IF & AK, a young couple, will seek to know the Lord who can meet all of our needs.
13 OC, a neighbor, will thirst to know the Truth.
14 MkS, a wife and mother, will realize the Lord is the only answer.
15 AN, a baptized believer, and her daughters will be encouraged as they worship our Lord and Savior.
16 PD, an elderly man will place his hope in Christ, not false gods.
17 JBT, a tailor in the community, will read the scripture and find true hope for his life.
18 Many will hear the Sila Tilindingo and seek to know more of the Word.
19 FC, a believer, will place his hope on God during these difficult economic times.
20 ID, a young man, will recognize the false gods and turn away to the Truth.
21 MS, who is married to a believer, will place his hope and faith in Christ.
22 MNK believers who are in isolated areas will enjoy communion with the Lord.
23 The village MK will turn from their sins and be saved.
24 The village BN will remember the stories of Jesus and turn from their sins.
25 Many will be transformed after hearing the Word through Sila Tilindingo.
26 Many in the village BF to have dreams and visions revealing the Righteous Way.
27 The village BF will realize the God of Jacob is the only Way.
28 An outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Southern Senegal.

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