1 The MNK will stop looking in the wrong direction to find the answer to their greatest need.
2 The MNK will believe that Christ is the only one who is worthy of their faith.
3 The MNK will question the teachings of Is. in their hearts.
4 Workers on the field to be ready and bold to give the answer, The Gospel.
5 The radio program, the Sila Tilindingo will be effective in reaching many listeners tonight.
6 Many MNK will come to know Christ as Lord and Savior and be baptized.
7 IS, pastor from The Gambia will share the message of atonement with seekers in his area.
8 YK the chief of BN will seek to know more of the forgiveness of sins.
9 The ladies who attended the Bible study group in BN will ponder how to cleanse their hearts.
10 YM, the chief of MK will question the teachings of “scales of justice”.
11 BbC, nurse from MK, will desire to be clean before the Lord.
12 Many will hear the Good News through the Sila Tilindingo.
13 DD, a seeker, to place his trust in Christ to forgive his sins.
14 SD, a MNK pastor and his family will have many seekers to share God’s Word on this Lord’s Day.
15 MK, a baptized believer will delight in God’s Word.
16 SB, a MNK woman will read the Word aloud in her compound so that her family can hear the Truth.
17 SS, a MNK youth and friend of our son, will read the Word and search for Truth.
18 VDJ, a MNK from S, will continue to search the scripture and be transformed.
19 Many will hear the Sila Tilindingo and find the greatest treasure of all.
20 FC, a believer, will rejoice at your Word like one who finds great spoil.
21 AN, a baptized believer, to persevere through trials and be faithful to sow the Gospel.
22 KD, an elder in DS and many others in DS will respond positively to Christ.
23 More workers to weep over the MNK and sow the Seed.
24 The Holy Spirit to reveal villages that are ready for harvest.
25 Elders in S will be open to Bible teaching in their village.
26 Many MNK will be changed by the Truth they hear through the Sila Tilindingo.
27 Religious leaders in Sedhiou will have opportunities to hear and discuss God’s Word.
28 MS, a pastor from the Gambia, will help his members each day to deepen their relationship with Christ.
29 MyS & JS, brother& sister, believers, will help their father to know the Great I AM.
30 MNK to turn away from idols and trust the Lord with all of their heart.

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