1 IS and his family will be encouraged as they worship the Lord this day.
2 MtK, an MNK woman who has heard the Truth, will seek to know more.
3 LD, a seeker, will begin to understand his need for a savior.
4 Against distractions as the Gospel is shared through the radio program, Sila Tilindingo.
5 ID, a young man, will seek to know more of the Gospel.
6 OC, a neighbor, will have opportunities to hear God’s Word.
7 The Holy Spirit will draw MF, an MNK woman to Himself.
8 SD, and his family, will continue to be a light in their community.
9 MK, a baptized believer, will spend quiet time with the Lord.
10 ND, a woman from BN, will remember the stories from God’s Word.
11 Open hearts for those who hear the Sila Tilindingo on the radio tonight.
12 YM, the chief of MK, will realize there is no hope in Is.
13 Holy Spirit will increase FC, a believer’s, faith.
14 Holy Spirit will open NS’s heart. She is FC’s wife.
15 Healing for AN, a baptized believer, who is having health issues.
16 The people in BF to be hungry for the Word.
17 Dm, the Chief of BF, will be dissatisfied with Is.
18 Electricity will be available for the Sila Tilindingo to be heard.
19 People of BF to remember the many acts of love through volunteer teams.
20 The young people in BF to have opportunities to read God’s Word.
21 The elders in BF to have dreams and visions revealing Jesus as Lord.
22 MCL & husband, both believers, will remain strong among opposition to their faith.
23 The elders in S, will desire to know the God of Abraham and Isaac.
24 The women in S will not place their trust in charms.
25 Some will place their faith in Christ after hearing the Sila Tilindingo.
26 VDJ from S will read the Word and desire the Truth.
27 Many in S will hunger and thirst for righteousness.
28 The religious leader of S will find the Truth.
29 The ministry of KG, a pastor in Guinea Bissau, will be blessed with spiritual fruit.
30 Openness to the Gospel in new areas in Southern Senegal.
31 More workers among the MNK to spread the Gospel.

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