01 A cool evening and good electricity for many MNK to hear God’s Word through the radio broadcast.
02 The Holy Spirit will cause many MNK to realize their need for a clean heart.
03 KG, a pastor from Guinea Bissau, will stand firm and upright in his community.
04 MCl and her husband who are both believers will endure persecution from their families.
05 Praise God for Pastor MS, and ask that his ministry will continue to bear fruit.
06 SD, an MNK pastor, will continue to be grounded in the Word and be a light in his community.
07 AN, a baptized believer to keep focused on Christ when trials come.
08 Chronological Bible stories will be heard by those with hungry hearts.
09 IS, a baptized believer in The Gambia, will not be anxious for anything because of our Savior.
10 MNK believers who live in isolated areas will worship in spirit and truth.
11 The chief of the village S will be open to Bible teaching in the village.
12 The Holy Spirit will soften hearts of the MNK in village S.
13 The youth in village S will have opportunities to read scripture.
14 The elders in village S will desire to know the Truth.
15 The Sila Tilindingo will be broadcasted and many will respond.
16 Many women in village S will stop placing their faith in charms.
17 Indigenous music will be produced to help MNK’s worship.
18 MK a baptized believer will seek God’s will first in before he makes decisions.
19 IJ, a seamstress and neighbor, will seek to know more about Christ.
20 BnC, a teacher, will read the Gospel and believe the Truth.
21 NC, our host in BN, will have a desire to know more of God’s Word.
22 Many who listen to the Sila Tilindingo will want to know more of God’s Story.
23 AdN, from BN, will tell her children the stories from the Bible study group.
24 Discipleship and training opportunities for future believers and leaders.
25 MkS, a neighbor and friend, to stop trusting in traditional beliefs.
26 FC, a believer, will seek daily to know Christ more.
27 DD, a seeker, will share stories from God’s Word with his wife.
28 OS, will become dissatisfied with Is.
29 Against distractions during the time the Sila Tilindingo airs tonight.
30 PD, an elderly neighbor, will be open to the Gospel message.
31 MNK believers will have opportunities to gather for worship and fellowship.

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