1 MNK believers to be salt and light in their communities.
2 Praise God for His provision for SD and his family as they settle into this community.
3 Health and protection for the volunteers and their families from Hunter Street.
4 The Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of the elders in the villages of MK, S, DS, & DjT.
5 Travel mercies today and tomorrow for the volunteer team.
6 The radio broadcast, Sila Tilindingo, ST, will reach the hearts of many MNK.
7 Neighbors who observe the volunteers to want to know more about our God.
8 The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of the people in MK and surrounding area.
9 The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of the people in S and surrounding area.
10 The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of the people in DS and surrounding area.
11 The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of the people in DjT and surrounding area.
12 These villages will ponder the reason that the volunteers came and shared their talents.
13 Many will choose the Word to light their path through hearing the ST.
14 Hearts will be truly changed by the Gospel in these villages.
15 IS, an MNK believer, and his family will preserver in this stronghold of Satan’s.
16 YK, the chief of BN, will seek to know about the forgiveness of sin.
17 YM, the chief of MK, will begin to truly seek to know more about God.
18 VDJ, from S, will read and study God’s Word.
19 KaF, the chief of DjT, will see the love of God in action.
20 Pray against distractions as people gather to hear the Word through the ST.
21 KD, from DS, will have a new perspective walking the straight road.
22 MS, a pastor, to continue serving and sharing the Gospel faithfully.
23 DtD, a young MNK woman, will see the emptiness of her religion.
24 BC, to study God’s Word and place his trust in the message.
25 BbC, will want to know more of the faith that he sees through the volunteers.
26 MS, who is married to a believer, will understand that God does not want animal sacrifices.
27 Many will choose Christ when they listen to ST on the radio.
28 MNK elders will believe that Isaac is the child that was promised to Abraham.
29 Join MNK believers in praising God for His plan.
30 NS, FC’s wife, will seek to know more of the God of Abraham.

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