1 SS, a young MNK and friend of our sons, will seek to more about Christ.
2 IF & AK, a young couple will truly seek God during the fasting month.
3 Religious leaders in MNK villages to search for Truth as they fast.
4 Many will hear the Sila Tilindingo and understand the message.
5 OS, to remember the stories from God’s Word that Kimberly shared.
6 KF, a pastor in Guinea Bissau, will boldly proclaim the Gospel.
7 Holy Spirit will guide AdM, a friend of DD, as he reads God’s Word.
8 YM, chief of MK, will realize his fast is truly empty.
9 NC, host in BN, will realize fasting does not cleanse her heart.
10 MtK, a neighbor, will not place her hope in fasting.
11 The Holy Spirit will open hearts as many listen to the Sila Tilindingo.
12 The youth in MK will question the teachings concerning fasting.
13 AN, a baptized believer, to filled with joy and peace that passes all understanding.
14 FC, a struggling believer, to realize true peace rests in Christ.
15 MK, a baptized believer, will be filled with all joy and peace in Christ.
16 DD, a seeker, will have faith to place his hope in the One who can give peace.
17 SB, a neighbor, will look to Christ for hope, not fasting.
18 At least ten people will respond to the Sila Tilindingo radio program tonight.
19 MD, our town’s religious leader, will repent and lead others to the only true hope.
20 SD, a MNK pastor, and his family as they prepare to move to our town.
21 KaF, chief at DjT, will realize his need for a savior.
22 KD, DD’s uncle, will understand the power of Christ.
23 YD, elder at BF, will desire a relationship with Christ, not a religion.
24 BnC, a teacher, will seek forgiveness of sin through Christ.
25 That many will be still and listen to God’s Word through the Sila Tilindingo.
26 MS, whose wife and children are believers, will choose the narrow path.
27 A church planting movement among the MNK will begin.
28 PD, an elder in our neighborhood, will give his heart to the Lord.
29BC, a neighbor and now university student, will plant words of Truth in his heart.
30 The Holy Spirit planted the Word in FF’s heart during Bible study at BN.

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