1 New fruit for the Kingdom among the MNK youth through the basketball clinic.
2 This will be the time that the Holy Spirit puts a “new song” in the mouth of the MNK.
3 SD, a MNK pastor, for healing in his leg and provision for his family’s daily needs.
4 IF & AK, a MNK couple, will want to more about the message of Christ.
5 FC, a believer, will choose to be obedient to scripture and be baptized.
6 Protection for the medical team and their family from Jonesboro, GA.
7 DD, a seeker, will choose the Way of Righteousness.
8 The radio program, Sila Tilindingo, ST, will reach many remote villages.
9 Travel mercies for the medical team from Jonesboro, GA.
10 Opportunities for MNK believers to gather with other MNKs for worship.
11 The people in MK to see the love of Christ through the medical team.
12 The MNK in villages surrounding MK will also receive physical and spiritual healing.
13 Against distractions and barriers to the Gospel message.
14 An openness in DS, as the team works and ministers.
15 Elders in the village will hear the Gospel and be transformed.
16 The Holy Spirit will open the hearts of MNK children as they hear the Gospel.
17 AN, a believer, as she shares her faith in a dry and thirsty land.
18 Praise God for SS, a new brother in Christ, and pray for him to stay in the Word.
19 SK, a seeker, will read God’s Word and accept it as the Truth.
20 AdM, a friend of DD, will continue to seek to know more about the Word.
21 OS, a friend of MK, will question the teachings of Is.
22 Open hearts as the Sila Tilindingo (ST) is heard on the radio tonight.
23 Travel mercies and protection as the dental begins their journey.
24 IS, a MNK believer, as he comes to assist with the dental team.
25 Health & endurance as the dental team begins clinics in the Sedhiou area.
26 Barriers will be broken that hinder the MNK from believing the Gospel.
27 MNK youth & children will have a true understanding of Christianity.
28 Through the dental team many will see the Love of Christ.
29 The hearts of many will be pierced with the Word through ST.
30 Many will be drawn to the dental clinics and hear the Gospel.


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