1 MNK believers as they return to their homes to be energized to share their faith with family and friends.
2 Opportunities for leadership training among MNK believers.
3 Thank you Lord for the MNK believers who gather today to praise you.
4 DD, a seeker, will be concerned about God rather than neighbor’s approval.
5 BbC, a medical worker who has a heart for his people, will realize his heart needs the blood of Christ.
6 As many hear lessons on Heaven, Hell, and a review of sin entering the world on the radio.
7 BnC, a language teacher, will search the scriptures and give his heart to the Lord.
8 MS, MyS’s dad, will realize his “good works” are not enough to “clean” his heart.
9 PD, a respected elder in the community will realize with the Lord weighs the heart.
10 IS and his family in The Gambia will continue to grow in their love and knowledge of Christ.
11 Witnessing presence of Christian teachers will encourage students to seek Truth.
12 SS, a believer, as he starts a new school year in the capital city.
13 Many will seek to know more as a review of Abraham, Moses and Christ are heard on the ST.
14 BC, a neighbor who is a college student, will seek knowledge of God.
15 Opportunities to witness through school programs and clubs.
16 ALM, a believer, who has returned to school since an accident over 2 years ago.
17 Pastor MS from The Gambia, as he shares about the freedom we have in Christ.
18 MJ, worker at the radio station across the river will seek to know more about Jesus.
19 IF & AK, a couple in our town, will seek deliverance for the law of sin and death.
20 Many MNK will make decisions for Christ after hearing the Gospel on the ST.
21 YK, chief of BN, will seek to know how to reconcile his sins.
22 NC, host in BN, will place her faith in Christ and will be set free.
23 FF, of women’s group at BN, will turn from Is and to Christ.
24 SD, a MNK pastor, and his family as they serve the Lord in southern Senegal.
25 YM, chief of MK, will recognize that Jesus is Lord over all the earth.
26 ID, who we fondly call “big man”, will encounter the “King of Kings.”
27 The Gospel will be clearly proclaimed through the ST on the radio.
28 BD, midwife at DS, will realize Jesus is Lord as she reads scripture.
29 FC, a believer, will share the Gospel with his family.
30 ZJ, from BiS, will give his heart to the one and only Lord Jesus.
31 A church planting movement among the Mandinka People. 1 MNK believers as they return to their homes to be energized to share their faith with family and friends.

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