1 Hospital director to have a heart for the people and not his own success.
2 Officials in our town will agree that we can share our faith alongside the upcoming clinic.
3 The Holy Spirit will soften BbC’s heart to the Gospel message.
4 SD, a MNK pastor, and his family will enjoy sweet fellowship during Christmas.
5 The people selected for surgery will be able to make the trip to Sedhiou at the appointed time.
6 Family members of the selected people will seek to know more about our faith.
7 Open hearts for those listening to the radio broadcast of Chronological Bible Stories, ST.
8 SS, a young believer, will daily meditate upon the Word.
9 LS, the community leader in Djd, will try to understand why these “strangers” are helping his people.
10 The Holy Spirit will open, MSK from MS, heart to God’s Word.
11 IS, the voice of ST, and his family will continue to grow daily in their faith.
12 YM, chief of MK, will realize what he follows is empty and turn to Christ.
13 MkS, a neighbor, will know that her faith in charms and “rules” are worthless.
14 Fertile ground in the hearts of those who hear the ST broadcast on the radio.
15 KaF, chief of DjT, will believe that God has provided salvation for him.
16 SB, a neighbor, will continue to read scripture passages and place her faith in Christ.
17 KD, from DS, will realize his faith is in the lesser power and repent.
18 The Holy Spirit will draw many MNK into the Kingdom of Heaven.
19 IC, mature MNK in DK, who is reading God’s Word, will believe in his heart that it is true.
20 Praise the Lord for KbD and KM two young MNK men who recently made professions of faith.
21 Many will receive the gift of grace through the ST radio broadcast tonight.
22 BkD and FB our hosts in BB, will realize they need God’s grace, not their works.
23 DS and YD, two new believers in Dakar will experience the true joy of Christmas.
24 MS, JS and MyS’s dad, will experience rebirth this Dec. His birthday is the 25th.
25 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11, ESV).
26 MuS, a teacher in Dj, will realize the teachings of Is are empty and seek Truth.
27 MK, a baptized believer, will daily spend quite time with the Lord.
28 Praise God for those who spent years working to make the ST program possible.
29 Holy Spirit will convict FC, and give him strength to take a stand for Christ.
30 DD, a seeker, will realize his greatest need is Christ.
31 The strongholds and barriers of Satan will fall.

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