1 The MNK will seek to have a heart of wisdom.

2 SD, and his family, will have many opportunities to share their faith with MNK in our town, SED.

3 Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of leaders in the SED community.

4 IF & AK, a couple in SED, IF recently broke a bone in his foot. He is a tailor.

5 The radio program, ST, Sila Tilindingo will be heard and believed by many.

6 KC, a neighbor, who has made a profession of faith, to grow in her relationship with Christ.

7 MD, the SED religious leader, will become dissatisfied with Is.

8 BnC, a literacy teacher, will encounter the Word of God.

9 The Holy Spirit will go before KF, Pastor in Guinea Bissau, as he shares the Good News.

10 The people of MK will be changed through the acts of love in the name of Christ.

11 Many in villages surrounding MK will seek to know more of the Good News.

12 Many will respond to the message of the ST radio broadcast.

13 NF, who professed to believe while at MK when the med/eye clinics were held.

14 ADr, the religious teacher of MK, will have dreams and visions revealing that Jesus is Lord.

15 YM, chief of MK, will turn his back on Is.

16 IS, the voice of the ST, will continue to grow in his relationship with Christ.

17 The people of DjT will seek to know more of God’s Word.

18 KaF, chief of DjT, will believe that God’s Word is true.

19 Praise God that His Word is proclaimed through the ST radio broadcast.

20 SkD, the religious leader of DjT, will encounter the Word of God.

21 VD, of DJT, will desire to know more of God’s Word.

22 FF, a young woman from DjT, will realize that God loves her.

23 AN, to receive the training in scripture that she desires.

24 The people of DS will realize the “power” of their village and “magic” are empty compared to eternity.

25 KD, DD’s uncle from DS, will encounter Truth and humble himself before the Lord.

26 JK, radio station manager will be transformed by the Word heard via the ST.

27 BD, nurse from DS, will read and study the Word and believe.

28 Villages surrounding DS who have heard the Word through clinics will seek to know more.

29 God to send dreams and visions revealing Christ as Lord and Savior to elders in the DS area.

30 MNK believers will have a passion to go and make disciples.

31 More workers among the MNK people.


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