1Mandinka believers will rely on the Lord for spiritual and physical needs.
2 The Mandinka will stop trying to please God with their “rules” and wait on the Lord instead.
3 SD to clearly explain the oneness of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to seekers.
4 Praise God for the freedom that we have in Christ Jesus our Lord.
5 The Holy Spirit will help the Mandinka understand the Trinity.
6 Open hearts to receive God’s Word through the broadcast of the Sila Tilindingo, ST.
7 The Holy Spirit will help the Mandinka understand Jesus is the Son of God.
8 KaF, chief of DjT, will believe that Jesus and God the Father are one.
9 YM, chief of MK, will accept that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
10 Good health for AN, a believer, in a nearby town.
11 PD, an elderly neighbor, will let go of traditional thinking and seek God.
12 DD, a seeker, will acknowledge his sin and turn to the Lord.
13 Many will hunger to hear the Word through the Sila Tilindingo, ST.
14 IF & AK, a young couple will become aware of their sin nature and seek forgiveness.
15 BkD, host of BB, and the elders at BB will acknowledge their guilt and seek His face.
16 AJ, host in Dj, will realize following the traditions of culture and Is. will never be enough.
17 MS, a pastor in The Gambia, will continue to grow in his knowledge of God’s grace.
18 MS, MyS and JS’s dad, will understand he has a sin nature and his need for Christ.
19 The study group from SkT will realize their works will not justify them.
20 God’s Word through the ST will convict many of their sin.
21 SC, a neighbor, will realize her good works are like filthy rags to our Holy God.
22 AdM, DD’s friend, will acknowledge his need for Christ’s redemption.
23 ZJ, from BiS, across the river will know that his works do not justify him.
24 IS, the voice of ST, will daily grow in his understanding of the attributes of God.
25 KC, a believer, will be strong in her faith as the fasting month approaches.
26 FC will open his heart to the cleansing of the Holy Spirit.
27 The ST will be effective in reaching the hearts of the Mandinka people.
28 BbC, a nurse, will humble himself before our Holy God.
29 The Holy Spirit will mature SS, a young believer, who is living in the city now.
30 BD, from DS, will have a contrite and lowly spirit.
31 Lift up the Mandinka believers as the fasting month is a difficult time

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