1 The Holy Spirit will pour out like a fountain on the Mandinka and begin a church planting movement.

2 Those in our study groups will realize they cannot cleanse themselves from sin.

3 KD, from DS, who deals with “spirits”, will encounter the One who is greater.

4 Many will listen and believe as the hear ST, the Sila Tilindingo, radio broadcast.

5 IF and AK, a MNK couple, will realize their “works” and rote prayers will not clean their heart.

6 DD, a seeker, will realize his need for Christ to cleanse his sin.

7 SB, a neighbor, will read scripture passages and be convicted of her sin.

8 KF, a MNK pastor in Guinea Bissau, will continue to be obedient to God.

9 YM, chief of MK, will realize he is being obedient to men.

10 FM, YM’s daughter, will seek to know more of God’s way.

11 Many will give God their heart as they listen to the ST.

12 BbC, from MK, will search to know more of about God.

13 NC, from BN, will question the teachings from her youth.

14 MS, MYS & JS’s dad, will realize his “works” fall short.

15 The Lord will use SD and his family in a mighty way to lead the MNK to Christ.

16 The Holy Spirit will take the MNK by the hand and lead them to Salvation.

17 BkD, our host from BB, will humble himself before the Lord.

18 Good conditions so that the radio waves carrying the ST broadcast will reach outlying villages.

19 FB the ladies’ host at BB, will desire the righteousness of God.

20 FFt, the literacy teacher at BB, to read God’s Word and trust Him alone.

21 ALN, from MS, will realize salvation is from the Lord not his “good” works.

22 AN, a believer, will continue to share he faith boldly.

23 KC, a “young” believer, will grow in her love for the Word.

24 KaF, chief of DjT, will believe that God’s Word is Truth.

25 The Word through ST broadcast will reach hearts that the Holy Spirit has opened.

26 MK, a baptized believer will spend time in the Word and grow in his relationship with the Lord.

27 FC, a MNK male, who knows much of the Bible, will surrender to the Truth.

28 SS, a young MNK believer, will be a light in his family for Christ.

29 IS, a believer from Gambia, will continue to build his foundation on the Lord.

30 We will be able to convey the concepts of the Holiness of God in our study groups.

31 AdM, DD’s friend, will begin to understand man’s position before a Holy God.

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