1 Spiritually young MNKs will daily understand more of God’s Grace.
2 PD, elderly neighbor will realize there is no hope in the sacrifice of an animal.
3 NC, our host in BN, will realize her fasting and good works will not take away sin.
4 SS, young friend of our children who made a profession of faith will trust in Christ alone.
5 FF, from BN will be convicted of her sin and repent.
6 IF & AK, a young couple, will know that Christ has made atonement for their sin.
7 KaF, chief of DjT, will believe in the New Covenant.
8 MNK believers will boldly bear witness to the Truth of the empty tomb.
9 DS, a believer in Dakar, will grow in his faith and relationship with Christ.
10 KC, a believer in Sedhiou, will persevere and be a light to her family.
11 YD, a believer in Dakar, will grow through discipleship.
12 AN, a believer in Kolda, will continue to mature in her faith.
13 VT, AB, & NT, “young” believers will share their faith with their friends and family.
14 MG, a mature believer in Dakar, will boldly share his testimony as the Spirit leads.
15 SD, a MNK pastor, as he shares the way of righteousness with his neighbors.
16 YM, from MK, will realize that he is a slave to sin and seek freedom in Christ.
17 DD, a seeker, will realize his choice is leading him to death.
18 AS, a worker in local hospital will realize his need for a savior.
19 BD from DS will know that she is being obedient to sin and repent.
20 JK, manager of SED radio station, will be aware of her sinful nature.
21 The students in the ESL classes will seek to know more of our Loving Savior.
22 IS, a believer and his family will continue to share their hope with friends and family.
23 FC, will know he is dependent on God for the forgiveness of his sins.
24 Ndj, chief of Djd, will realize his can do nothing to make himself right before God.
25 FFt, a literacy teacher in BB, will seek to know more of God’s Grace.
26 YT, from S, will understand that forgiveness is through the sacrifice of Christ.
27 MS, MyS and JS’s dad, will seek to be right before God.
28 BbC, health care worker, will know that good words do not make us right before God.
29 MNK believers will mature and be thankful in all circumstances.
30 KF, a MNK Pastor who is struggling, will remember the steadfast love of Christ.

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