1 That the holiday will cause MNK’s to listen the radio broadcast of the truth.

2 MNK believers will unify together during Ramadan and stay strong.

3 MNK believers will not falter in their faith as discrimination comes.

4 BB, a MNK village will see that observing Ramadan doesn’t bring forgiveness.

5 MNK believers who feel isolated from their families who are fasting and then feasting together this month.

6 As the village of MS breaks their fast this evening with bread, they will seek the bread of life.

7 DD who has begun seeking “religion” will find it in Jesus Christ!

8 Those seeking to know God will hear from Him through the radio program, Sila Tilindingo, ST.

9 FC will truly ponder the true message he has heard and believe.

10 The village of SED will see that Is cannot answer the questions to lead them into a relationship with God.

11 FF and SM will not only rejoice with physical healing of their eyes, but will have spiritual “sight.”

12 SD and his family as they aid believers this month in staying strong despite immense persecution.

13 KC that she will stay strong in her faith during this religious festival from which she will be excluded.

14 AnJ, a new believer that he will boldly proclaim Christ to his family.

15 Many blindly following Is during Ramadan will tune into the radio broadcast.

16 YD, a believer in Dakar, will boldy share his faith during this holy month.

17 DS, a believer in Dakar, will live in such a fashion to cause others to seek what he has.

18 As Ramadan ends, many MNK’s will begin searching for real peace.

19 MNK believers will have wisdom from God as to how to best witness as Ramadan closes.

20 LD will hear the truth and believe.

21 ID will realize his lostness and will find the true answer.

22 Families will gather to listen to the radio program and believe as a group.

23 BbC will seek to learn about Jesus.

24 MF will look for salvation from sin that can only come through Jesus’ blood.

25 Anb will faithfully search the scriptures.

26 Believers working with the MNK’s will know how to make the gospel clear to the MNK’s.

27 GS in Dakar will ask questions that will bring about lasting change and salvation.

28 Anb in Dakar will draw closer to God today.

29 Open hearts to receive the ST as it is broadcasted this evening.

30 YS’s family will turn to God and be reunited with him.

31 The village of BDJ will have the opportunity to hear from God’s word this month.

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